With Xbox acquiring Bethesda and having so many IPs, it's time for Killer Instinct to return with a great roster

So these tweets reminded me that Killer Instinct has been absent for too long and that Earth needs a new Killer Instinct. And Microsoft acquiring Bethesda IPs offers a great opportunity for more iconic guests characters.

  • Killer Instinct roster

plus legendary Guests Characters from :

  • Halo (Master Chief, the Arbiter, Atriox)
  • Gears (Marcus Fenix, Kait, General RAAM)
  • Rare games : Battletoads, Perfect Dark, Banjo-Kazooie (Rash, Joanna Dark, Banjo and Kazooie)
  • Bethesda games : DOOM, Fallout, Wolfenstein, Dishonored, Skyrim (the Doomguy, Power Armor, B.J. Blazkowicz, Emily Kaldwin, the Last Dragonborn)

That would be amazing and it would give the visibility and audience that Killer Instinct may be lacking compared to other fighting games.

This needs to happen :frowning:


Still baffled out of my mind that they made General RAAM into a grappler.

I’d be with more guest characters but I prefer the original characters in KI more. Wouldn’t want the game flooded with guests.

At this point we can hope for an Super Smash Bros Xbox Edition as well. I take both. Please team Xbox.

He literally picks Minh up and stabs him, how can you be baffled? :stuck_out_tongue:

I really want a killer instinct 2 more than anything.

Arbiter and Rash were genuinely incredible guest characters imho, so I would hope for them two to return.

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I think having off the wall characters from these franchises in KI would be pretty cool and allow them to get really creative with their mechanics. Like Grunty (B&K), Death (Conker), M’aiq the Liar (ES), Panzerhund (Wolfenstein), or someone from really deep in the catelog.

I only got into KI very recently (bounced off to PC from the terrible XB1 showing, pulled back with their new direction) , but it’s knocked my socks off with how bloody awesome the game is and now I can’t stop wanting more KI.

Killer Instincts original characters are the highlight of the game though. KI doesnt need guest characters to be great.

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I’d like to see another KI game, and think they should utilize guest stars from the “family”, but I don’t necessarily want it to become like Smash.

If they were going to do a game with a lot of guest stars, I’d almost rather them bring back Fusion Frenzy or create their own Fall Guys type of game and have unlockable skins. They can do it based on your save files-- play Halo Infinite and unlock an Elite skin, beat the game and unlock a Cortana skin, and 1000 it and get Master Chief.

I made this months ago.

While I do think Killer Instinct should return, it’s not your mascot fighter. It’s still too much of a hardcore fighting game. I think they should be doing a Power Stone 2 clone as their mascot fighter. And separately, bring back KI.

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Is there a secret unlock Phil character that only P3 can unlock? :grin:

Killer Instinct should not be an Xbox Allstars Crossover game. A few guests are fine like in the current game but it shouldn’t go overboard and be Xbox Smash Bros.

We need a new KI though.

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I like the idea of more original KI characters. IG did a great job with the guest characters, but they always felt out of place.

I wish KI 2 were happening with IG.

Arbiter and Rash fit into ki very well imo. But I don’t want too many guest fighters tbh.