With WoW...does MS even care about FF14 anymore?


Lets be honest…the only reason FF14 has gained so much traction is because Wow has basically killed itself over the last few years…

It’s been stated that Wow has practically halted development but I don’t doubt that MS is going to invest heavily in Blizzard properties because they’re practically ripe for xCloud and Mobile gaming…seriously imagine how big Wow can be under xCloud

With better management/leadership and investment, Wow becoming the powerhouse it once was and being accessible on multiple devices, does MS even care about FF14 anymore?

Not to mention they own ESO also.


Well, if they finally put WoW on consoles (just Xbox in this case), then no. If they decide to leave WoW where it is, then they still need a massive console MMO on their consoles. FFXIV would still be sought after in that case

I think they still care, but there is definitely less pressure to make it happen now.


WoW on console seems inevitable and I fully expect MS to fund both it and the PC version heavily going forward

As you said a large reason FF14 has become as big as it has is simply because of how WoW has been handled, they fix that and start giving the community what they want, they will come back

As for needing FF14, they never have needed it but with Sony pretty much having FF on lockdown and MS now having the biggest MMO of all time, I imagine that while they would like it to happen, it’s definitely not a big priority for them


Sony has Square in their pocket. At this point it’s not worth the effort.


Eh not exactly…a lot of Square games come to Xbox, in fact Octopath isn’t even on Playstation. Sony just has main FF games in their pockets if anything


Yeah, Crystal Dynamics is even co-developing Perfect Dark.

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Why not both?



I’d think Xbox would still want to have FFXIV, just as I imagine they’d want to have games like Genshin, as these titles are continually in the spotlight and their absence on the platform is, if nothing else, embarrassing.

For most though, WoW plus WoW Classic on Xbox would probably be enough, especially if it coincides with a well received expansion for the former. It’s still the MMO king, it just needs out of it’s rough patch.

While we’re on the topic, SE enabling FFXI 360 BC would be so amazing it will sadly never happen. If it did though, I’d never ask for XIV again.

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This. No reason to not have both. The very fact that Phil and Square even entertained the idea most likely means Sony isn’t holding it hostage.

I feel like there is some delusion in this thread. As if FFXIV isn’t actually a good game and is only played because there’s nothing else to do for MMO players. I don’t play MMOs, but AFAIK FFXIV is an extremely high quality game and the expansions are GOTY material for a lot of people. MS should still work at getting this.


Can confirm. Endwalker is GOTY 2021 and FF14 as a whole tells the best story i have ever seen in any piece of media.


FF14 is a much better game than WoW. MS should still care to get the game finally on Xbox.


I’m sure they want the game on Xbox, it’s just that their are a lot of legitimate development hurdles they have to get over to get it done in SE’s side

It is better but it’s more because Wow stopped trying and they basically gave up on it…I would bet money that Wow is going to be at the top of MS priority list when it comes to Blizzard

It’s better because it’s better. Especially if you’re looking at it from a console/controller standpoint. I know WoW has controller API, but it’s a game that’s not designed to be played with a controller while FF14 is. That, and FF14 is simply a better story, looks better, etc. It’s more modern and that definitely works in its favor. “Both” would be ideal, plus Genshin as others have mentioned.


I’ve talked to people who’ve played both and FF14 has a better story (at least right now) but it’s PvP is utter dog shit, it’s UI isn’t as good as Wow and the overall combat is clunkier and jankier than Wow is

Truth is Square is probably shitting their pants right now…they know FF14 is carrying that company after the rest of their games underperformed

They now know that if Microsoft does invest heavily into Wow and Wow regains dominance that it’s going to end up badly for Square

Now I can see why they’re pushing for NFT’s…they need money badly…

FF14 isn’t clunky at all if you weave OGCD

FFXIV has a better story, better storytelling, better supporting cast and music. WoW has better dungeons, PVP, combat, class customisation and business model (WoW can be played for free with in-game gold, while FFXIV requires a monthly subscription. Both have a cash shop, but XIV’s is more predatory. WoW’s sub includes Classic while FFXI has to be paid for separately.)

I think WoW with a well received expansion would easily reclaim the crown of number 1 MMO, but I’d still like XIV on Xbox as well

Yeah…Square is definitely shitting their undies right now…if Wow does get back to critically acclaimed status and ends up on Xbox and xCloud AND it’s including with Game Pass… then Square is going to blow up Phil’s phone begging to put FF14 on Xbox and xCloud