With all the IP's and franchises Microsoft owns I hope they NEVER do any licensed deals

I’m fine with Indiana Jones since it’s something Todd Howard wanted to do, the Pirates of the Carribean SOT crossover was tolerable and I honestly wouldn’t object to High Moon making another Cybertron game but that’s where I would draw the line

Between some nonsense of The Coalition doing a Mandalorian game…and reading some of the mind boggling bad ideas in the chat during Xbox Two podcast over the last 2 weeks. Some suggesting that The Coalition to a Punisher game…that would be absolutely horrifying

Why do a Star Wars licensed game when Xbox has 2 major sci fi IP’s now with Halo and Starcraft? Why do a Marvel game when the Overwatch IP is ripe for new games?

With everyone else dipping in and drinking the Marvel/DC/Star Wars Koolaid I am hoping that Xbox invest heavily in their own IP’s rather than take a short term gain approach with more licensed crap.



The occasional licensed IP would probably be a good lure for Game Pass.


Eww no…too many valuable IP’s…money spent on a licensed deal is money taken away from something else

Disney doesn’t go around doing licensing deals because they already have a plethora of IP’s, characters and franchises. MS is in a similar position in video games now with everything they own.

If so hopefully nothing Marvel or Star Wars related. I’d rather something not as whored out as much…Indiana Jones is a good example, an 007 game etc.

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OP rn


I’ll admit that I’m kinda Marvel’d out lol.

Tony Hawk is licensed. Xbox should definitely make a new tony hawk game.

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Idk how people dont see this. A proper licensed IP done well brings in a lot of sales and subscriptions.

Xbox has enough studios and IP now that this shouldnt be an issue to do.


If (scenario) it came down to The Coalition doing a Mandalorian game or doing Starcraft Ghost…it would be an absolute travesty for them to do the former over the latter

Nintendo doesn’t have to do licensed games because their IP’s have brand power…MS needs to treat their IP’s the same way.

Say it louder for the folks in the back, OP. Why would you waste the creative freedom Xbox is affording you to go chase licenses?

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Creative freedom would come with the ability to choose to work within existing worlds if desired.


That doesn’t make it the best use of said freedom.

I think people blow “creative freedom” out of proportion…like if The Coalition said “we want to make a Peppa Pig game” Phil and Matt Booty are going to look at them like they’ve lost their minds

As long as MS is able to secure permanent publishing rights for at least the titles it produces, I’d agree.

If the license holder doesn’t allow that, I’m not sure if Microsoft is willing to make something that may be super expensive that’ll just potentially be delisted in a few years… then again, that happens with Forza.

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Generally I agree but licensed ip like spiderman and star wars will bring attention to their brand especially if it really well received and If Microsoft can keep the publishing rights for it stay in gamepass permanently another win on top of it

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There’s literally nothing mutually exclusive about any of this. Raven, Treyarch, High Moon made some of the best licensed games ever that stand the test of time as great games even ignoring the licenses attached to them, and if they wanted to do that again, no reason to shut it down because of some weird aversion to licenses that honestly you guys are projecting onto MS rather that what’s actually worthy of pursuing for MS.


Xbox now has more IP’s than studios to make them. Focus on the IP’s you have. People want fallout. Let one of your studios make it. Same with Banjo, hexen etc


Some games rely on licensing, like Forza. Also lots of soundtracks etc.

I’m assuming that semantics and your referring to licensing stuff like Marvel or star wars though.

Yall only want the creative freedom yall deem is ok if thats the case.