Wireless Xbox Series X Headset Audio Cutting Out

Hey guys,

First time X Box owner here and im loving my time with it… but…

I have the first party headset using wireless, for the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed the audio is cutting out A LOT in party games like Fortnite or Warzone. Very Frustrating. I saw the controller fix but that doesn’t seem to be the case for me because it will cut out a lot while I’m playing or doing something. Sometimes it drops audio all together for a couple seconds. Anyone have a work around for this?

Xbox is not hard wired and is in a room where its not able to be… But i don’t have these issue with my pulse/ps5. Thank you!

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Make sure the firmware is updated, not sure if there’s a way to force check firmware update for it or just have to wait for it to randomly pop-up. The first week(s) I had mine I had some audio cutting in/out but after a couple updates it’s been solid.

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Yeah i updated everything. Very strange because the first couple of weeks it was great

Does it happen when a game or app is installing?

Had mine since release, never experienced anything like that.

Mine did exactly the same, the only way I could get it to stop was to move it extremely far away from my router (which wasn’t practical) so I can only assume it was interference.

I ended up returning mine and getting the wired HyperX Cloud2.