Wired: Xbox Has Always Chased Power. That's Not Enough Anymore

Rather than “power” or “performance,” Xbox’s big word this time around is “choice.” Audiophiles and cinema geeks can enjoy music and film wherever they go; gaming is making that transition, too. Xbox head Spencer says that now more than ever the company sees customers on PC who they never see on Xbox. “We don’t look at them as lesser because they didn’t go buy one of our consoles,” he says. “At some point, we’re going to have Xbox customers who only know us on their phone, and that’s also fine.”

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The headline makes it sound like a hit piece. Glad to see it wasn’t :joy:

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Thanks for posting and sharing.

Some good insights.

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The article isn’t wrong

Infrastructure and ecosystem will be the biggest thing this gen

Also probably time for Xbox fans as a whole to stop looking over their shoulders at Sony and focus on yoy and ecosystem growth