Will we get prices this month?

I hope so but I have a feeling it’ll be done in October.

I’m not too bothered by a price. All I know is I will be buying the series X day one.


So sony dont have announce price because there market leader? How you figure out that one? People will still need to know the price.

I think it will take a while until we know the prices. Personally I “don’t care” about the price because I will buy the XSX anyway. The only reason why I think it should go ahead is the pre-order. I would like to pre-order the console and not be afraid that I won’t get it in time and won’t be able to pre-order any more. But all in all I think that for MS it is not important to tell the price now. The only ones who are really interested are us and those who are as deeply involved in the topic as we are. We buy the consoles anyway, there is no need for marketing.For the “normal” consumer it is important to know a few weeks before Christmas what the device costs.

2 weeks before they can do it and they will be fine because people will still flock too it due too there brand power at the moment they already letting people do a lottery system too pre order without a price so.

If Xbox don’t care how many consoles they sell relative to Sony (and I personally don’t really think they should) why can’t they just announce the price, launch lineup and show some games running on the system? What’s the point of this cat and mouse? Its utterly boring now - Xbox won’t compete with Sony for hardware sales, regardless of price we all know that. Phil Spencer knows that. So lets show what you’ve got - its only about 3 months behind any sort of normal schedule…

Series X|S just appeared in the internal system of 2 big retailers in france (prices seems to be placeholders). Shouldn’t be too long before it’s official. At least I hope so :slight_smile:

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I think we’re getting price 30 days before launch. That’ll be to give devs as much time as possible to put together some goodies to convince people it’s worth it. There’s nothing shown so far for either console that’s going to sell anyone other then the most hardcore of hardcore.

Ok before you call me crazy hear me out haha

Could the reason why MS keep pushing the power narrative is because they’re going to be cheaper than PS5 and don’t want people to think it’s cheaper because it’s weaker.

Series X could be $100 less than PS5 and then Series S sold $150 less than Series X, Series S to be sold at cost while Series X sold at a loss and because it is the most expensive version it is expected to sell less meaning less loss

While Series S the main seller will sell at cost and won’t lose them money, meaning they could take a loss for the Series X to undercut the PS5. Could also be the reason why they haven’t announced first because they know the price will be whatever Sony does -$100.

For a example

PS5 $499 - $599

XSX $399 - $499

XSS $249 - $349

Pains me to say XSX would be $399 because I just don’t know if they would be that crazy, that would be a massive loss. I honestly think it’ll most likely be $599 but this is just food for thought.

This pricing stuff really intrigue me, watch us all be wrong and they’re both $700 consoles.

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Maybe? I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t get price and release date until October.

I think we will see something this week from Sony and MS to go afterwards. It cant go on its becoming such a negative on the consoles. This needs addressing just for pre-orders. I want both under £500 to justify the purchase otherwise my misses will be fluffing the spare bed pillow for me. Even my gaming friends who aren’t interested in the power gap, etc are asking me constantly when can they pre-order the XSX. When I say no news they get pissed . I think that is where the issue is - not the hardcore gamers who frequent here and are trigger happy to pre-order but when the casual gamer is now asking the same questions both companies have an issue.

I think pushing the power narrative while launching at the same exact price as the PS5 is a way for people to think they are getting good value already. Series X is the premium model and should be priced that way.

The estimated BOM for Series X was $460-520. That’s not even considering the other retail costs involved. So, with that in mind, being $499 is already probably a loss. Series X is also probably not going to be their volume leader vs Series S, as the Xbox One S sold better than One X. They built the Series S with its only purpose to be the cheap alternative.

Bloomberg reported the BOM for PS5 was around $450, and that this was more expensive than they anticipated. If it is more expensive than they thought, you could argue they were targeting a $399-449 price point. No way are they going to charge an additional $100+ profit. to charge $599. PS4 BOM was around $380 and they charged $399.

If I had to guess on prices I would think Xbox will stay with the current MSRP and just replace the Xbox One consoles with their Series consoles, $299 and $499. PS5 I could see digital $399-449 and take a loss but then make a profit with disc at $499.

It’s this (being super aggressive and be 100 euros cheaper) or MS is waiting for Sony to announce first with the intention of matching their price and reduce the loss as much as they can.

About the BOM of both machines I think that they are about the same, SX has the better hw but DualSense and the SSD won’t come cheap. Plus their cooling solution might also be more expensive. I guess we will see in a few days, megaton and mic drop moments are upon us.

I feel like this is the month we will finally get launch details and prices. I could see them easily pushing the information till October, but if Series S is actually happening in 2020 I think they have to talk about it now.

I don’t think Phil and co are that 4d chessy. I think the reason why they are waiting is because of the seriesS, they were probably set on $499 - 549 for seriesX and $299 - 349 for series S but are holding on price because they dont want the PS5de to be in competitive price range to the seriesS. They understand sony could price the PS5de @ $399 which would put the seriesS in not the best position, if sony do that I could see ms wanting to price the seriesS at $259-279

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So… kickstarter vaporware writ large? :rofl:

It’s seems to me that sony is late.

Can you imagine if they did do the first sale of ps5s as a Kickstarter? Probably would have to give too large a percentage of sales though for them to seriously consider, but certainly would have been talked about and seen as innovative, etc.