Will we get prices this month?

This person I think is quite reliable. However September is ticking on, when do you think we will get prices?


100% yes. Would be shocked if we didn’t.

I’ve got $2000 put aside for these consoles / games / accessories. LET’S GO!


really like to think we will but its going down to who comes out fighting first. once one company shows a pre order the other will be fast to respond. the wait is killing me lol

NO!!! First week of October 100%

I’m predicting yes. XSS and XSX pricing reveal, All Access promotion, Halo MP beta reveal, EA Play on Game Pass all revealed towards middle/end of the month.

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I’m saying October for prices. @Sikamikanico made a good point in the current electronics climate. You can drop a price two weeks prior to launch of a new cellphone, and everyone is fine with it.

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I hope so. I think it should fall to Sony as market leader to go first, but MS also needs to announce Series S. It’s tough.

I would certainly hope so since the thing is coming in 2 damn months. This game of chicken between the 2 is really starting to irritate me

I think the pricing hold up is because the Series S console is actually closer in spec to the PS5 than people are speculating (think fixed/base clocks PS5). If the Series S was clearly the cheapest console, the prices are easier to fall into place.

I’m going to say no because they’ve waited this long so what’s one more month?

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I think we will get prices this month

The next few days are the latest sony can announce an event for the first half of September? Or maybe they announce it 24hrs before?

Tomorrow is Tuesday and sony usually annountce stuff on Tuesdays!

Its weird how reactive they are both being, I suppose sony was quite reactive to xbox one price, but usually these companies are not so reactive, I guess its for the best because xbox one being $499 and ps3 being $599 were disasters.

Sony being so timid is a bit annoying, I suppose if I were Jim ryan I would do the same, even though $549 for the disc version of the PS5 may not be bad value it would be if the seriesX was $499.

One of them is going to have to crack, I hope its sony, ms needs something positive, if sony got another win it would be unbalanced.

Nope october in my opinion they really dont have too say the price till 2 weeks from launch all the early adopters will still be there day 1.

There must be some incentives to announcing the price several months before otherwise why have they done it nearly every gen?

I sure hope so!

Well xbox will have too do something because they need too announce Series s , playstation dont have too do anything cause they are the market leader.

That and PlayStation showed there alternative digital version at the same time as the disc version :confused: makes me wish Series S was shown much earlier.

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They still need to show the console, and tell people when it is coming out, and where they can buy it. There is only one photograph of the real PS5 on the internet, (namely the guy holding it in the factory). It could be vapor ware for all we know.

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There already letting you do a lottery for preorders now without a price.