Will Surface Duo be good for gaming?

While this may be more of a productivity tool, it looks cool. Will Surface Duo be good for gaming?

Definitely seems like a decent XCloud device at a minimum

At that price, I may never know. :smile:

It’ll be great for gaming I feel, they’ve shown examples of one half being used as a controller, and while not ideal, I feel that would be a lot better than touch controls appearing over the actual game (as it’s currently done in Hellblade). The screens seem a decent size for gaming too and when hooked up to a Xbox controller, just using half of the device as a stand will be great.

The biggest issue is the price, no way I’m getting involved in $1400.

The price concerns me. For sure.

even if it’s clunky stuff like a “DS” mode and a “tabletop “ mode is gonna be pretty good for spur of the moment xcloud sessions . Now i just need microsoft to make a controller I’d actually wanna lug around in my bag/purse. Probably interested in a Duo or some other foldable/dual screen product once the market has matured .

Do you think touch controls would work for you? I’m not sure I’m ready for that type of interface.

If it had 5G I’d say; 100%

Now I’m not sure if this would be the perfect xCloud device. That would be a device that is compatible with the Razer Kishi with 5G for me.

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for $1,399 i don’t think so

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for smaller bursts of gaming I could probably get used to it especially if they are context sensitive , id prefer to play in a “tabletop” mode if i could but doubt i will be carrying around a full blown xbox controller with me any time soon .

Yes, it will be fine.

I am getting the Duo (once ATT gets their shit together and let me preorder) and it will be my xcloud device :slight_smile:

And that’s the “low end” 156 GB model. 256 GB will cost you $1,499.

of course, you need that extra space for the 3ds roms xD

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When I first saw this, I thought of the never released Microsoft Courier. That thing was sweet. Could this be it or close to it?

It’s a pretty cool device but I think I’m more interested in a Galaxy Fold 2. I love these new designs and tech ideas phones are trying now tho. It’s been stagnant for a while. lol

I’ll maybe look at getting the V2 of this, they need ot trim the bezels just a bit which to me screams V2 improvments.