Will MS fix Diablo 3 on Series X once the deal goes through

For those that don’t know the game is running at 1080p, and for some reason the One X enhancements (4k HDR) don’t work.


That’s very bad. Should have been fixed by the devs by now. Let’s hope they do this, since 4 won’t be coming anytime soon.

Hard to say. Pillars of Eternity has broken achievements since 2018 and Obsidian was acquired in 2018.

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They most likely won’t fix it, there are countless games left with broken parts.

They talked about fixing it with the help of MS around the end of last year. Funny now seeing how things went, even though it has nothing to do with the acquisition.

There it is :

Oh wow, had no idea this was an issue. Hopefully they get it resolved!

You never know. They got Dark Souls 3 working 60 FPS, which is interesting to say the least. I know Ronald the Wizard looks forward to have those games.

They have a lot of work to do fixing the company before they can fix individual games.

According to someone on Reddit, they’ve now fixed this issue:


Sounds like priority is already shifting.

It isn’t actually fixed at the moment. However, a fix is coming in the next big patch, scheduled for next season:


Yeah, I checked. It’s confusing because UI is 4K, but the actual game is still 1080p.

Good to know a confirmation. Seems like the change in the field is slowly happening. Maybe it’s just me, but I like to believe the acquisition is motivating them further.

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