Will Microsoft buy Valve next?

Since the last year I have been wondering why Microsoft is so committed to putting everything on Steam. It makes more sense to draw people to your own store. But what if Steam is bought Microsoft?

Its possible that negotiations with Valve began around the time they made this post. This will not only help them in expanding onto PC gaming, but also give them a foothold in the VR market. Valve can be a VR studio for Microsoft and Xbox team can release their own Windows Mixed Reality headset with Steam VR support. Play Anywhere might also come to Steam.

they tried. numerous times. not happening.

Nah, Gabe is pretty adamant and he doesn’t need the money either. They should try to make a deal for some Valve games. Imagine Left 4 Dead 3 being an Xbox exclusive :open_mouth:


Lol no. I get folks are excited by the momentum from Xbox right now, but let’s not get silly. As this point of discussion is literally going to be filled with posts like mine, I’m going to close this thread.