Will halo 5 ever come to PC or be added to MCC?

Halo 5 forge already exists on PC so it shouldn’t be too hard to add the rest of the game. The base is there.

It’s well known that Halo 5 has the best gunplay of the series, and honestly it would be more popular than infinite if it hit PC in my opinion.

MCC would be the best option as it would allow them to integrate crossplay with Xbox/PC.

Gosh I miss the feeling of reloading the br or pistol in 5, the feeling of the triggers vibration is incredible… Why is this missing from infinite

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Almost a zero chance, too much work for what would be almost zero gain and im not sure why you think it would be popular on PC, at least more than infinite

5 isn’t doing better numbers than Infinite on xbox, why would PC be different?

It’s a better multiplayer game and will launch free on GamePass pc

I think unless 343 commits to updating Halo 5, it won’t be added to PC. They would also need to fix the blank shot issue that started showing up at the end of its life.

It’s on GP on xbox as well and still doing worse than infinite, not sure why PC would be any different

It didn’t launch day 1 on console… GP didn’t exist.

It would be a new title on PC and launching day 1 = more eyeballs

I’d like to see Halo 5 come to PC simply so I can play all the mainline halo games on PC. Do I think its multiplayer will do well no, but I don’t see Halo ever really being that big on PC

Something that sucks about Fable 2 not being on PC is that for a while, the best place to play fable 1&3 was PC due to improved resolutions, etc., but you had to play Fable 2 with at least a lower resolution on a console. Luckily with the backward compatibility enhancements stuff that doesn’t matter so much anymore

Don’t see that changing much

I’m not against them doing it, I have no opinion of 5 either way but I just can’t see it maintaining any kind of player base at all

Hard to tell. Microsoft began building the Xbox ecosystem that included console + PC in 2016, with the first games being Quantum Break and Recore. There was never much interest from Microsoft to release the former Xbox exclusives on PC came out before that year. The only exceptions I think were Sunset Overdrive and, indeed, the Master Chief Collection, but because it has been supported for several years, so a PC version would have been strange not to have it. In fact, Gears of War 2 and 3 are still missing from PC too.

It’ll happen one day but not any time soon. At least the campaign; multiplayer gets complicated really quick. 343 have enough on their plate right now.

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