Will gaming be as prevalent in the mainstream as it was here

Sorry for the long title, I didn’t really know how to word it.

I know the there is the argument there are more people gaming than ever and it’s growing which is true but is it as big in pop culture as it was back in the 90’s early 00’s when PlayStation hit young adult market with the ps1 & 2 and really attracted the casual audience.

As the video shows below

Do you see a world where we this sort of thing again.

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I’d argue that it’s prevalence in the mainstream is the reason that it is no longer a big deal. Everyone has access to games 24/7, it is more socially acceptable than ever.


That may be true and is a valid point. I suppose it had more of big deal type of vibe back then. I suppose you could say films other than marvel don’t have the same event type of hype anymore

But I definitely felt it had much more of presence in pop culture mainstream media than it does today.

But obviously there is more social media today

Gaming is more mainstream now than ever.

As I said in original post I know gaming has grown but the point was in terms of mainstream pop culture through media such as tv, nightclubs, it doesn’t have the same type of presence as it did back then.

You don’t need Playstation at a night club when everyone has one at home or in their pocket.

I was at a convention center rave in Duluth back in 2000. The organizers had tony hawk ps1 set up on a projector off to the side. I played a couple 2 minute games and drew a small crowd lol.

But that’s not the point I’m making I understand that gaming is more accessible. I’m talking about it being in mainstream of pop culture. From sponsorship to even Xbox 360 being shown on MTV and yes playstations being in nightclubs it felt like gaming was in the middle of every pop culture in the 90’s 00’s

Football teams also sponsored by gaming companies

Such as

Arsenal- sega/Dreamcast Man City- eidos Anderlect- PlayStation Forentina- nintendo

Gaming was everywhere

Well, my wife has a gaming restaurant and it is a success, if this means something.

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