Why the hell does TEKKEN 7 still run at 720p on xbox consoles?


This has got to be some sort of oversight.

Game looks blurry as fuck on my series x. More blurry than vanilla FF15 on a base xbox one

Such a shame this is the only 1000/1000 game I’ve done this past 10 years and love the game. One of the best fighting games of modern times.

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First I thought it was my Asus monitor, but I tried the game on my other monitor and made sure that it’s the game error not my devices.

The game menus is working fine, but in-game, the res is very very awful. Hopes Bamco fix the game ASAP.

Needs an Xbox One X enhancement desperately.

Or maybe just a Series X/S update at this point.

One X enhancement is never going to happen.

At this point it looks like a Next gen update is our only hope.

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Good to know! I always somewhat wanted the game when it goes on sale, but didn’t know it was stuck to 720p. Guess I’ll keep skipping until the next entry or until a resolution patch comes out.

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I remember they didn’t give it a One X enhancement back then because it would require updating the build of UE4 to a current one and they didn’t want to go through all that work.

If it came out after the One X was released it would have had a much bigger resolution like Soul Calibur 6.

It’s so annoying, I don’t think they’ll bother with a X/S and PS5 update either for the same reason.

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They’re probably all in on Tekken 8 now so don’t expect much.

I’m guessing they make a next gen upgrade for the purpose of trying to sell us 3 more Season passes and make the game last longer.

Tekken 8 isn’t coming out anytime soon. We’re more likely to get Tekken Tag 3 this gen.

Hmmm dunno if we’ll get a new season pass, the latest one only has 2 characters but who knows.

I’d love a Tekken Tag 3 though, 2 was amazing.

Tag 2 looks sharper on series x than tekken 7. Lol

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Really? That is hilarious lol.

Lol that’s true but Tekken 7 generally looks better. Funny enough i still think Tekken 6 has the best character models in the entire series.

Tekken 7 looks incredible…on systems other than xbox consoles. And yeah of course it looks better its a generation newer. But as far as image quality parts of tag 2 on a one x or series x look a bit sharper. But thsts more down to the abysmal resolution of tekken 7. It looks like a switch game.

It could get enhanced with a res boost via Xbox’s BC team, it would certainly make for a hell of a case example for the technology so I’m holding out hope for that.

It’s the only hope, Tekken 7 will never be One X enhanced nor receive next gen optimization, not on Xbox.

Soul Calibur 6 got OneX Enhanced? Only reason Tekken didn’t is because it required a update to the Unreal Engine Tekken7 currently uses. If it gets a next gen port to PS5 it’s coming to SeriesX|S

I doubt Bandai Namco will optimize a 5 years old title, even Capcom which ha re-released SFV many times never optimised it.

Depends man. But honestly most likely we are not getting a next generation port for either console. Probably already working on Tekken8

Soul caliber came out after the one x was already out

I know. I was using it as a example because it seemed like he thought Bandai would not support it if given the chance.