Why Obsidian might be Xbox’s most important studio - XboxEra


Cool piece.

While I’m not a big fan of RPG’s, I’m having a lot of fun with Grounded at the moment. And I do see how Obsidian might be one of Microsoft’s best studios at the moment. The amount of content they’re producing is astonishing. TOW DLC, Grounded, Avowed. And then there’s that small Josh Sawyer project.

Really interested to see if inXile develops in the same kind of way.

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I think in terms of overall brand value, 343i, Coalition or Mojang are most important.

I think in terms of legitimizing XGS again as a GOTY making prestige group, Obsidian, Playground, Initiative and Ninja Theory are most important, and of those 4, Obsidian the most promising in terms of consistency and variety.

A bright future lies ahead.


Obsidian is probably my pick as well. They offer something the ecosystem hasn’t had in a long time. Very talented world builders that can create a tent pole universe that Xbox can build off of for a long time.

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