Why is the media ignoring the Elephant in the room? Sony 1st party Game drought

So again I’ve noticed ridiculous double stand by Media and gamers as a whole. How come we are not seeing any narratives fly around or Doom articles about Sony’s future 1st part lineup?

I mean they have Spiderman 2 and then what? GAAS games that are so far away they could not even show gameplay, a MP mode for TLOU that is in dev hell and no one has any idea if it’s still even coming out?

Sony goes without a showcase for 2 years and then has one and barely shows anything coming in the near term or far future and everyone just shrugs and says well that’s Sony so it’s ok?

While we know Xbox has tons of games in the pipeline we have actually seen with release dates and are about to acquire ABK and STILL we get narratives and articles trying to pretend it is 2022 again which that narrative got out of control because they forgot about COVID and how many games Xbox put out in 2021 where they were Publisher of the year.

What the heck is going on at Sony? What do they have planned to actually release that is first party and not some paid off 3rd party timed exclusive? Why does fans and media ALWAYS give Sony a pass for huge droughts like the one coming for them but will still nit pick to death Xbox’s upcoming huge lineup of AAA games?


They’ve been filling the gaps with some 3rd party exclusives.


It’s a cult.


The media


To the media Sony has built up a bunch of good will with them that allows them a bit of immunity to criticism. However that immunity will only go so far, eventually if they don’t start showing first party games after spiderman comes out questions will start getting asked.


I’m not so sure.

It really is a cult, and it is in media too. Different rules then.


It seems that way now but if Sony does or continues to do things their “fans” don’t like the noise will get louder and the media wont be able to just ignore it anymore. Am I saying that change is likely to happen? Nope, but anything is possible.

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Well Sony fans tend to put up with anything Sony dumps on them so I’m not sure anything will come of that.


Fanboys yes, but not normal fans; hell we have actually seen some of the fanboys get disillusioned over the past couple months


Why call out Playstation for having a dry year when you can just…


They do have some 3rd party exclusives I’m interested in. I had a realization that all upcoming PS exclusives I’m looking forward to are not first party

  • Rise of the Ronin (At least Sony published)
  • Stellar Blade (Also Sony published)
  • Granblue Fantasy Relink (unpaid console exclusive)
  • FF7 Rebirth (moneyhat)

Should add though I’m not a PS5 owner lol. I’m expecting all of this on PC quickly (Granblue is day 1 PC)

these articles are sad attempts to stand in front of a hype train that I don’t think will be stopped.


I agree and I think some here are too deep into the “Sony is too big to fail” mentality. I think some here think that the PS Portal will be a big success because it’s a PS product when PSVR2, PS Classic, PS Vita, etc have showed us opposites.


It’s annoying to see the market leaders get a free pass in sluggishly releasing games and even shutting down studios.

During the Wii days where Nintendo was making money hand over fist, I wish the gaming media pressured Nintendo into more 1st party output for underutilized IP.

I feel like Sony is at that stage now. They were the clear #1 last generation and are leading this new generation fairly handily. At this point, on the eve of them announcing more powerful hardware, they should have way more games out. There should have been a push for more AA titles, exclusive indie scoped titles (Fantavision, Flower, etc) and sequels to massive IPs like SOCOM, Twisted Metal, and Wipeout. All of which would look fantastic on new hardware and the first two worlds work well with a GaaS model.

I think that many of us on this forum are a fan of PlayStation because of their history and games. In contrast to Nintendo, PlayStation had way more experimental titles and a larger variety of titles of varying budgets. But too many of their fanboys and people in the media are just too invested in the hardware more than the software, and the little software that they like are extremely similar to each other.

I feel like modern PlayStation fanboys would look at a game like Echochrome and dismiss it as indie trash. If Xbox released Amplitude, they’d relish in it being a flop despite being critically acclaimed. All fanboys would make such remarks for games not on their console, I’m not pretending it’s PS fanboys only, but rather that modern PS fanboys are not appreciative of their rich history.

Understanding that rich history would get these people to push Sony to high standards they set in previous generations. The PS4 was one of Sony’s most successful generations but I look at the PS1, 2, and 3 with more fondness of their first party output.


But what happens when it’s not a success? Where’s all the articles and posts about PSVR2? It’s just ignored or swept under the rug when something goes not as planned at Sony. Media is constantly looking out for them.

It really, really is a cult.


That doesn’t matter as much as you may think, as those products fail the media may not report on it however Sony will still feel the sting of a failed product and will need to shift their strategies to compensate; this could lead to something that the media does eventually care about. such as a lessening of large scale third person cinematic games


I think the focus on games like Fairgame$ (jfc) actually has the potential to rock the support a bit, you are right about that. It will be interesting to see.

But it will take a lot.


well they do apparently have a lot of gaas in the works; what happens if none of them are a hit

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PS doesn’t have that many studios capable of producing those big sad-dad games either, and with games taking longer than ever… It will be interesting to see what happens.

Xbox is looking so much more interesting, in all aspects.


Xbox kindof bit that live service bullet early and with ABK (assuming the deal finishes) they will have the in house financial backbone they need to make more risky and potentially higher budget games; Sony doesn’t have that yet aside from destiny

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