Why is no one talking about Temtem?

Is it just me or is this game flying under alot of peoples radars. Now i know the game isnt cheap at 59.99 cad but it literally blows pokemon out of the water when it comes to features and combat. Monster designs are up and down and the human characters dont look so hot but who cares about all that shouldnt gameplay come first? Well thats exactly where Crema spent their time and effort and boy oh boy is it good. Not to mentions its a MMO but can still be played like a single player game. You can even Co-op the main campaign with a friend. Like hardcore pvp this games ranked mode is top tier. Like randomly generated dungeons? Its got it. Like shiny hunting its got that to. I could go on and on about all the pros with this game but instead ill link a video that i think really dives deep into all their is to do in this game.


I can think of a few factors that might be causing this.

For starters, this game has been in early preview for a while.

I (and a few other Xbox gamers have agreed with me on this) feel the interest in Temtem has died down a bit since ATLUS games were officially confirmed for Xbox. Not to mention both Nexomon and Monster Crown have also released before this (you might be able to also argue for Monster Sanctuary).

I felt like this game got next to nothing coverage when it finally got ported to console.

With that said, I was excited for Temtem like a year or two ago. Now it’s something I’ll probably play next year or later.

Edit: oh and of course I can’t forget the fact we both got a spin-off Pokémon game earlier this year (Legends Arceus) and we have a new mainline game coming up (Violet/Scarlet) which probably isn’t helping Temtem either.:sweat_smile:


Buddy of mine who played an early version said the writing wasn’t great (not that Pokemon has great writing) and it was pretty grindy. It’s on my radar, but like you said, the price is pretty high still. I’ll have a look at that video, though. Thanks for sharing!

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I actually find the writing pretty good with lots of easter eggs from anime and movies to things like Futurama. Definitely better then pokemon and actually pretty dark at times.


I’m finding a lot of the concepts they introduce really awesome and better than Pokemon. The thing I haven’t been a fan of so far is the story and the Tem designs.

Battle is way better imo.

Now that’s one for and one against! It’s possible that the early version he played had worse writing than the 1.0. I’ll have a look at that video and maybe change my mind :wink:

I’ll echo the early access issue. Someone I know was playing it and I had no idea it had a full release. That same person motioned it to someone else and they had thought it had died already. The game never really achieved a marketing cycle and just quietly released


Yea it does feel like that maybe in the near future they will bring it to gamepass and let it find its niche. I hope they keep adding more continents with more new types of temtems on top of all the endgame stuff they are doing


shut up!

Looks like I know what my next purchase is.


I am not known with this collecting/battling with creatures gerne. I am currently playing Ni No Kuni and that combat feels a lot like Temtem for me (I can be wrong). It is not something I really enjoy.

But yes, I also thought this game was massive.

Temtem combat feels more like pokemon then ni no kuni but has some interesting differences to its combat. In pokemon you can just out level the game with like three pokemon and steam roll the game but in Temtem you need to level all 6 of your tems or your going to have a really hard time. This is because temtems have a stamina bar and each move has its own stamina cost. The better the move the more stamina it takes. So you need to be smart with your move selections because you can exhaust your tem and have it have to rest a turn before you can use it again. Also if you were to only have 10 stamina left but the move you want to use cost 25 you can still use it but because you over exerted your tem he will take the remainder of the stamina cost to his hp. The other thing thats different is the hold mechanic. Certain moves in temtem require your tem to be on the battlefield for so many turns before you can use it. So unlike pokemon where you only lose PP and can use your biggest move off the bat and faceroll your enemies. Temtem requires you to wait and take damage to get your heavy hitter moves off

I’m currently playing and these reference oriented writings is what I call bad writing. Sadly lots of indie games insist on doing this to look fun. :rofl:

But when I dropped out trying to compare with pokemon and looking on what the game has to offer, I started liking it! What I miss the most is the lack of basic information in tempedia, like temtem area and types. The crowd of other players’ avatars in important moments is also an error that reduces the impact of entering in a dungeon or a dojo.

I’m liking Temtem but it’s also the proof that Pokémon did correctly in not becoming an MMO.

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Saw this article and thought of you, Capy:

It made a pretty good case for the game, and it’s definitely on my radar now. I’d still wait until it hits =>$30 though.

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Wasnt this THE pokemon killer?

I’ve owned the game since launch day and have enjoyed what I played of it. I just wish I had more time.

No such game will ever exist but i do feel like pokemon could learn something from temtem on how to push the genre forward. The combat alone feels like a whole leap above pokemon. Heres hoping game freak are watching and taking notes

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