Why haven't we seen Max Payne 3's mechanics in other R* games since?

In May of 2012, Rockstar Games released their most enjoyable game to play to date, and one of the best third-person shooters of all-time, Max Payne 3.


In September of the following year, Rockstar Games released one of the best-selling pieces of media of all-time. You may have heard of it.


One would think that they would just copy MP3’s excellent movement and gunplay mechanics into all of their future titles. Is there some technical reason why they didn’t or were not able? It’s not like budget would have been an issue.

Take a gander at this awesome breakdown of MP3’s technical features.

There were signs of it coming back in RDR2, but they made firing a gun a two-button press system (cock the hammer, pull the trigger, just as it was back “then”), and the movement speed of the Arthur Morgan is SO sluggish in comparison. Thankfully, it has since been addressed in Red Dead: Online, but why not use this system as a template going forward?



They became obsessed with minute detailed animation to convey a sense of real life to their action, not caring that it makes it less fun to actually play.


I don’t know why, maybe it is what @don saying and to be honest, when you look at the money being produced… You can understand why. I just hope that we can still get “gamey” games.

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Many of those animation details are still present in MP3, which makes the decision even more boggling.

It’s the deliberation of the animation to align with the slowness of real life that they became so unbelievably focused on.

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That was one of my major complain for RDR 2.

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