Why doesn't Microsoft stop support for "legacy titles" on non GamePass platforms?

The deal won’t be done until then.

Goodwill first and foremost. Having the gamers on your side helps with word of mouth and the image of a brand.

Playstation’s mind/marketshare is incredibly high so just pulling games off the platform completely doesn’t guarantee new players are just going to automatically migrate to Xbox. It’s a carrot and stick trick to slowly eat away marketshare.

Try out the free online game > play the legacy titles > pickup an Xbox/sub to Gamepass to play the new games in the franchise.

Microsoft cares about their image in gaming now. If you treat customers right, even when they’re on another plattform, next time they buy a console they might pick up yours first instead of the competition because “you” treated them right, while Sony and Nintendo didnt.

Its pretty basic stuff really.

Also, they make money with those updates.

They aren’t going to do that. Still makes money.

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