Why does Sony get a pass shutting down online game servers?

I recently read that Killzone shadowfall servers will be going down, and this is a PS4 game still sold on the store.

I know many other games have had their online shut down too by Sony

On the Microsoft side of things I can’t think of any games that have their online shut down yet besides halo 2, and they have replaced that with the MCC anyways so there is an alternative.

Imagine how bad it would look if MS shutdown servers for all the old CoD 360 titles post acquisition


If there’s barely anyone playing the game, why keep the servers up? I would shut them down too. Does Halo MCC still get new content? If so, huge difference.

COD still has their 360 servers up? Wow.


People pay for online

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I always dunk on Sony for their shitty online infrastructure :woman_shrugging:

Sony got a lot of flak from the press for shutting down the old webshop for Vita and PS3. So at least they didn’t get a pass on that.

Microsoft shut down matchmaking for all the 360 halo games recently. There was not a lot of outcry. Ubisoft tried to shut down a lot of servers in the last months. The most outrage came from the achievement community and because it was without advance notice. They at least changed that.


Never really understood why they take them down, shouldn’t it just be an application running on a server? Nowadays with the cloud it should be able to spin up and down as needed as well.

Though I guess they might have just been running on dedicated server hardware back in the day.

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Killzone Shadow Fall this month and then Everybody’s Golf next month. It wouldn’t surprise me if we soon here about Gran Turismo Sport and Predator: Hunting Grounds shutting down. :worried:


If there is no requirement from the top for sustainable multiplayer for years or decades there might no budget and incentive to build your multiplayer server infrastructure that way. It might even be discouraged by management, because you should play their next game.

Even if no one is playing your game there are still some costs with elastic cloud. Like making sure everything is up to date with security so when someone fires up a multiplayer session your whole network isn’t compromised.


Maybe MS should shut down all old cod servers on PS except the latest title, assuming cod is still multiplatform.

Sony gamers are used to this treatment, and if you like cod 4 or black ops 1, come to Xbox!


Sony is the worst at this and it not even close.

Examples ?

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Multiplayer in most of their games is an afterthought addition that’s rarely played or supported so it logically gets shut down with time, their fan base has also learned to not care much about it. This of course should change with upcoming games but just stating the reality of their previous games. I remember for example Resistance 3 multiplayer was region locked lol.

It does, Halo MCC is a supported live service. Even the 360 Halo servers only recently got shut down and that’s while the MCC existed to take its place. All Gears games are live. Old Forza games I’m not sure, it seems to be an all over the place experience where some people can connect while others can’t

They don’t have dedicated servers. It’s peer to peer.

Most games are peer to peer but the company has to host a matchmaking service.

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Pretty sure that’s not the case anymore

We are generally talking about older games here i.e 360 cod games, or one of the many older Sony titles that were shutdown.

Even Halo 2,3 are p2p but using a MS hosted matchmaking system.

Aha OK

Because people don’t play multiplayer games on PS, but only single player bangers :rofl:

But I mean, Xbox still has old COD games charting while Sony has nothing. And COD is charting not for campaigns…

Now that I think about it you’re right. Sony games all have tacked on multiplayer that no one really cares for.

Thinking back the only decent online game they’ve ever had was MGS4 online (third party), Bloodborne (third party) and Killzone 2

Isn’t PS3 online shut down?

When a game ships without multiplayer on Xbox its unfinished. When a game ships without multiplayer on Playstation its due to n-a-r-r-a-t-i-v-e focus…if its a Naughty Dog game its because the multiplayer was “too ambitious”

Killzone 4 is focusing on its n-a-r-r-a-t-i-v-e

Warhawk and MAG were really cool, especially Warhawk. SOCOM is also like a Ghost Recon tactical shooter for co-op play.