Why does Organic Whole Milk have a longer shelf life than other kinds of dairy milk?

I’ve been drinking A LOT of whole milk during quarantine. Specifically, organic whole milk.

This is the half gallon in my fridge right now:

And I’ve noticed that the expiration date is always like over a month out. I bought this half gallon over the weekend and it expires on September 29th. Like Damn dude.

Is it just due to it being organic and therefore a lack of processing? It’s weird - innit?

I just know it’s delicious, and it never lasts me longer than a couple days per half gallon. I drink so much!

this is me RN


The milk you bought is UHT

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I’m just here to support Canadian Dairy. Bagged milk is the best milk.

Fight me!

Do you buy it at the store in the bag or does it come delivered?

You buy it bagged at the store. Often comes in an over bag with two smaller bags of milk inside. Then you have a plastic container at home the bag sits in and you just snip the corner.

Big benefit is that you can freeze it easily. Where glass or containers would split when the milk expands the bag is durable enough to survive. So it was really great for very rural areas where grocery trips are something that only happened a few times a year.

Sweet and condensed canned milk and powdered milk served the same purpose but obviously didn’t taste the same.

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It comes like this with 3 bags inside

When I was in elementary school in Northern New York (almost Canada) a long time ago, we had bagged milk pouches. Then I moved to PA in the 90s and haven’t seen them since except for bagged dispensers for coffee creamer in gas stations. Kinda odd…