Why do you think MS keeps "games with gold" running?

The games offered are an absolute embarrassment, it would be better if Microsoft didn’t offer anything.

Games with Gold needs to die. Make everyone who is on gold roll into GamePass, and scrap gold

What benefit does MS gain offering games with gold ! It’s the laughing stock of the industry.

Something extra for Game Pass Ultimate I guess. I don’t why either.

For shits and giggles??? lol

Ah yes, the real answer. Those silly trolls.

A check box that their competitor has


They keep it as a placeholder for Forespoken in 24 months… :troll:


Regulatory concerns about sliding all those users into gamepass and dropping gold.

It stills bring in revenue and for some people they don’t want to switch to Game Pass


People expect free game with their gold sub now so they dont want the negatives from dropping it but they also want people to move to GP so they provide the bare minimum to say they are still providing you with something

It will go away eventually, likely turned into some other GP tier like was rumored a few months ago

They keep it around because Sony has it, and XBL Gold can’t be perceived to offer less than PS Plus until GP hits a certain threshold that they can get rid of Gold.

Money, they want that recurring $60/year that xbox live gold contributes and removing GWG will cause outrage. I think solution imo is to create gamepass basic which gives you online play and a select amount of games that are on gamepass.

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At this point, it’s obvious GamePass has made sure there probably won’t be any real huge titles on it again, but as pointed out they and Sony are basically in a standoff of who’s going to drop the free games with an online sub first.

Sony very obviously started it as a loss leader to get people to subscribe to PSPlus originally, then MS eventually followed with GWG when the PS plus games started gaining a lot of attention. They’ve both majorly slimmed down the offerings. Depends on who blinks first at this point.