Why aren't F2P games on Xcloud?

Has there been anything official ?

Having Fortnite, Destiny, Warzone on here would be a net positive no ?

Personally I used to love using xcloud for destiny and I’m still upset it was removed once it left GP, even though it’s a f2p.


Its presumably on their road map, considering they would like it for you to be able to eventually play any game you purchase through the cloud.

I think F2P on cloud services are quick ways to test the service and if it suits you, however, on Xcloud, you are already paying for entering, plus it has more than 400 games to choose

They aren’t restricting F2P due being F2P, you can’t play them on the cloud because those aren’t on Gamepass

However, i think this is because setting up a console/server, and keeping them up to date, for every single Game on the Xbox catalog is a titanic job to do

Theyre using gamepass games as a test because they’re not ready for the service to be widespread yet

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id rather limited cloud space not be used on f2p games ,especially ones you can play mobile versions of with a controller natively ya feel

Is space really a problem here?

Doubt it. When xcloud launches it’s probably just copying the game to your temporary server blade for play.

space meaning available instances to serve connections. Playable blades.


Not enough hardware to support it, I suppose. I expect F2P games to be last in line.


I thought games that left gamepass but had cloud compatibility stayed in the pool. So is the barrier for entry being on gamepass at one point?

Pretty sure when they come out of Game Pass they leave the streaming. I can’t stream Yakuza 0 right now for example. The streaming app (on mobile) is also the Game Pass app, which doesn’t show non game pass games

Hmm. Good to know.