Where does Xbox need to improve? | Let's be constructive about it

It doesn’t necessarily have to be about getting people to switch consoles. MS can still win by making people want to pick up a series X/S as their secondary console, then subscribe to Gamepass.


But the problem is that the current sales tell nothing due to shortage.

People are underestimating that 200-250 price range the Series S is going to regularly hit. That’s straight-up impulse buy territory for tons of people.

Eh, it’s not only PS5 that is dealing with shortages. Sure there are Series S’s on shelves, but the Series X’s are just as hard to get as PS5s. Sometimes even harder.


Yes, but the point that you said that Microsoft set a stage, but I am not sure if Microsoft predicted a shortage and came up with such an elegant solution due to that. (though of course they had a lot of analysts I guess)

Hey, they could have. Or they finally got lucky with their hardware.

Like I don’t think the Series consoles will outsell the PS5. You’re right in that Playstations have the advantage of being much more global than Xbox.

I don’t though, think that they’ll be outselling Xbox nearly as much as the previous generation. They’ve taken many steps to make their platform appealing and they keep taking more steps such as beefing up gamepass with acquisitions.

MS are all-in this generation, which is a stark difference from the previous one.

Well, I wonder if Phil came up with the idea of these two consoles. Would be another insight 10/10 achievement for him.

Me neither simply because Sony doesn’t provide so many entry points into their ecosystem and PC community for Xbox games is much stronger and bigger than Sony’s (not to mention Microsoft releases games on PC day one).

This is hard to say. Microsoft just have too many entry points. With PC, XCloud and consoles…And also some multiplatform releases. Though I presume the market for XCloud does not intersect with hardcore console Xbox community.

A lot of that was due to engineering challenges that likely forced their hand. They explained some of it at their HotChips presentation in 2020. XSS is here from day 1 because the cost curve for the production of chips turned over.

It used to be that the price went down notably as you shrink the processing node but in middle of last cycle that had started to turn around and no longer was the case after X1X. Those die shrinks were what allowed cost reductions as the generation goes on so MS was essentially stuck at the release price for the whole cycle (which is why beyond clearance sales you should not expect price drops from anyone this gen).

Since they won’t be able to make XSX prices drop in the coming yrs, they figured the only option for targeting casual masses is a cheaper alternative. Since that cheap alternative itself won’t see price drops either, there is no reason to wait for die shrinks to target those customers; just offer them that cheaper system day 1.

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I hope one day Microsoft also will do stuff like this. Though ironically they don’t have many characters (due to lack of third party games).

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I don’t think Xbox can overtake PS sales with the current strategy and trajectory, they are bad positioned in EU, non existant in Middle East and Asia. They can only hope to outsell PS in the Americas and lessen the gap in EU to reach a stalemate like seventh gen, at the very best. Sony sells PS in many more countries and actually advertize them, on top of post people only know about Playstation outside anglosphere.

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Then why people assume that XSS will become 200-250$ console?

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Well, that’s also true. Their marketing and reach is very small. (I remember that notorious korean shop photo)

Was it ithe same during Xbox 360 era?

They certainly advertize better outside anglosphere, IDK why they have been so cheap in the last decade in that department. People did know about Xbox 360 at the time.

Probably when Peter Moore left they also lost a lot of connections. After all he was at Sega and Sega had incredible reach.

Not very many people followed the HotChips presentation. It’s a super technical conference so most only knew about it based on what it meant wrt XSX specs (which is what the presentation they gave was chiefly about). The snippet about the price trajectory was only a small tidbit included in a slide. Anyone expecting mid-gen refreshes or notable price drops is gonna be disappointed I think.

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I sure hope not. Are people moved by this kind of stuff, if so, then Xbox should happily stay in 3rd place in the console selling and mindshare space.

He was also european, a different perspective. IDK the biggest corporation in the world has so many issues in being global with one of its brands.

Though ironically they don’t have many characters (due to lack of third party games).

And can yku explain what this even means?

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Is this thread mostly just going to be “Xbox should do what PlayStation is doing”? If so it’s not good, constructive criticism and it’s aimed only for negativity with no real solutions other than “they do it, Xbox should too”.


That’s Time Square, the other photo was Florence, really waaay distant from PS HQ.

I doubt asking for a more global approach is “negativity with no real solution”. Or is it?