When will a PS5 slim hardware refresh happen?

I dont mean a pro style upgrade,more like a slim style upgrade. The PS5 is huge and very power hungry, it kind of puts me off getting one. My guess is that 3nm would be required to shrink it enough for a slim version. However even with a reduced SoC size would a smaller console be possible at such high 2230mhz clocks?


3 years Id say

Dam 3yrs with the big mama. oh well I hope it’s quiet.

Its beyond ugly and big so Im praying they drop a special edition Horizon themed one.


Definitely waiting on something like this, before buying a PS5.

In its current state, it’s just too freakin’ huge. :flushed:

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Remember the release of the OG Xbox? That it was just too big for Japanese homes? Don’t think that argument was completely valid, right?


Im sure it was just console wars. I don’t know if there’s any truth to the Japanese market not liking large electronics. If they do, seriesS may do very well there.

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I was thinking PS5 around 2022 but now I’m not even sure I’ll get a PS5. If I do it will probably be later in the gen, when the slim revision is out, price drops and most of the big games are out. Same thing I did with PS4 slim last year. I think I’ll keep upgrading my PC instead, plus Series X.

Game Pass PC/Xbox + Switch + PS4 backlog was already much more than I need, and now with Bethesda games coming day 1 to Game Pass, the backlog will get absolutely ridiculous. I love Bethesda RPGs, but these games are long and with my limited gaming time they keep me busy for months. Not even counting Halo Infinite, Fable, Avowed and everything else coming… Crazy times ahead for Xbox it seems!

It could very well happen!

Simply moving to 5nm will do the job for them. PS5 slim will happen. Sony needs it.

I actually hope sony improve there cloud service, I may actually just stream the next naughty dog games.

Yeah I ain’t buying that …thing.

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Be interesting to see a slim and pro both launch in 2023 on a 3nm process. 3nm seems so close i wonder if it makes sense to do a 5nm iteration.

my bets are 2023 on both a slim model revision and a ps5 pro .

Makes you wonder what xbox series X2 and PS6 will be, is a 1nm node even possible? I know quantum tunneling starts to happen when the transistors get to small.

I guess as soon as Sony can make it happen. I imagine even Sony is embarrassed by PS5 in its current state.

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Repeating myself, 2022.

I bet it won’t happen at all. In the Hot Chips presentation, MS noted that while ya can do die shrinks to make something smaller, the cost goes up in the process. This is totally different than how it used to work in previous cycles and is a big reason why MS made XSS a day 1 proposition instead of tryna wait for a slim option to offer casuals down the road. That ‘slim’ option wouldn’t be notably cheaper so MS opted to just do it from jump street. Sony likely will stick with the DE instead.

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Here is my back of napkin math to justify early move to 5nm. Lets say, a good die cost $s. A 7nm to 5nm will give 30%+ size shrink and similar power saving for same frequency. So, lets assume that we get die shirking by 30% and yield improving if we have frequency limits. Then the new good die cost: $s * dieShrink * YieldImprove * N5premium. $s * 0.8 * 0.8 * N5premium. So we only need this to less than $s for cost to improve. Overall cost improvement will then come from reduced size of console and cooling cost. If it will sale 70M units, then even a few dollar saving will pay off NRE costs. You save more the earlier you change to N5.

when the Slim or as I call it the normal as it will be a regular console size happens is when I will get one.

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Probably when the new Uncharted prequel comes out. So 2022/23.