When developing a game, where should more importance be placed?

It’s gameplay over story for me too, sometimes games overdo cutscenes and my fingers are just itching to press the skip button because I just want to get back in the game, but then I feel like I’m going to miss some important part lol.

I hope this gen there is even more emphasis placed on animations; it is one of the biggest aspects that separates the best studios from the rest IMO. Poor animations are immersion breaking.

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Gameplay can tell a story too. In games the line between gameplay and story is thin. Like I think the way Ghost Recon Wildlands gives me the vibe of realism. Every major drug player has a important role in this illeagal business and me catching/killing each one of them with a surprising crushing ending make me remember every mission in a different light.

It also helped that each misson had very differnet goals and each target was unique. In one moment you hunt chemiclist who is there to remove bodys and in the other a hacker.

GRW showed me there are many ways to tell a story.