What's Your Best Achievements Accomplishment on Xbox πŸ’Ž

I only did the Xbox version and that was long enough. Congrats on getting them both!

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Being the 13th person on Trueachievements to complete the game β€œTroll And I” :smirk:

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this is a #flex bump because I’m a gamer god and accomplished this yesterday. :achievement: :smugdancing:

Unfortunately my gamertag from 2006 to 2020 is gone alone with over 100k achievements. I was having a bad psychological breakdown and i deleted ny Microsoft account and my GT with it

However my best achievements were beating Halo 3 and Reach legendary solo

Also there was an achievement I earned where you get a double kill from beyond the grave in Reach

Great topic!

Since Geometry Wars, haven’t been too hung up on achievements. Once I did 100% Geometry Wars though, I proceeded to work my way up to #6 in the world a couple months post launch. Don’t know where it stands today.

Currently working my way towards all Halos on Legendary solo.

It’s not the hardest thing to do but It is very special to me. Growing up FFVIII was my favorite game and getting a chance to play the game again and complete it on my favorite platform is something I will always cherish.

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My best was with Ori and the Will of the Wisps. I beat the game in under 4 hours (2 hours 11 mins), No Deaths, No Shards Equipped, and Without Spending any β€œmoney” in a single run. What a masterpiece of a game!

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This is some next level shit, my word how on earth did you do this?

I agree entirely that the game is a masterpiece!

Not gonna lie, I cheated for the No Death part lol. If I died, I would just reload my game lol. No way in hell would I devote the time to memorize the game :valle: . It still felt good to accomplish that all tho. :smiley:

Nice honesty, regardless, competing the game in 2 hours 11 minutes is an amazing achievement.

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Damn you guys are putting me to shame here!

I think the most recent one I did was Witcher 3 including all the DLC. Currently trying to get everything on Wasteland 3 as I absolutely love the game, still on my first playthrough however.

I wish Xbox had something to demonstrate completed games, like a live wallpaper / theme or something to reward the effort?

Witcher 3 on death march is no joke and you should be proud as well. I would say it’s harder in comparison to get all achievements for the dark souls trilogy. So good job, mate. :+1:t2:

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