What's your 2021 (Gaming) resolutions?


New Year, New You!

What’s YOUR 2021 (Gaming) Resolutions?


  • Finish a game (doesn’t have to be 100%) before starting a new one.
  • Only buy a new game for every 2 to 3 games I complete.
  • Shrink Backlog
  • Wait for more sales! Physical games prices drop quickly, and there is no need to drop $60-$70 bucks day one for Hitman III, Resident Evil 8 etc.
  • Complete the entire Yakuza saga. With Remastered and 6 dropping soon, it’s time to watch the Yakuza 0 recap video (beat it awhile ago) then Kiwami 1 & 2, 3-6, then Like a Dragon. Yeah, that’s a lot of Yakuza, but it’ll be like binging a great TV show.

My main resolution is to stop buying cheap games on sales that I’ll never play, or at least won’t play for over a year. I’ve already started doing so, like for example I only bought one game during the Countdown sale that’s going on right now (AC Unity). My backlog is already large enough, there’s no reason to increase it. I’ve already bought all the games that I’m interested in and missed out on with prior sales.

Another one is to not buy games at full price unless they’re absolutely worth it. Many games drop in price pretty fast, so there’s no harm in waiting a couple of months to save some money. And some games really aren’t worth full price. For me Yakuza: Like a Dragon definitely was worth $60, providing a very enjoyable experience that took 55+ hours. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, meanwhile, wasn’t worth full price for me at all. It’s a good game, but I didn’t even finish it and now it’s on EA Play.

And of course, my third and final resolution is to decrease the size of my backlog. Probably won’t make too much progress considering how many new releases in 2021 I’m looking to play, but since I won’t be buying too many old games, I think I can still make some progress. Starting off 2021 with Quantum Break.


Ideally 4k, but I’ll settle for 1080.

PhantomFox said everything I could want to say better than I could, so I went with a tired joke instead :sweat_smile:


I used to be big with FOMO but I’ve changed with that this year. I find it better only to buy the games i really feel passionate about on day 1. Gamepass made that easier.

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My gaming resolutions started with the (now) current generation.

  • Buy the games that I know I will play and complete day one.
  • Games in which I only care about the base game or have no post launch expansions are purchased physically on disc and then traded in once completed.
  • Games that im all in with which includes expansions are purchased digital day one with the gold edition.
  • No game that I buy, play and complete will be under an 8.0/10 overall score for me. If I believe a game will at the very least not hit my 8.0/10 rating scale, I will not buy it and it will be a pass/skip.
  • Any game that I do not buy day one will never be looked at, purchased or even thought of once launch day is past.
  • Any physical game that I buy and trade in will never be purchased a second time so if there happens to be an expansion later on, oh well.
  • No backlog at all. Once I get Series X and catch up, there will be no backlog at all.
  • Eliminated a few genres as well as those retro indie looking games. Just nope. Time is past.
  • Every Microsoft first party game will be a $10 monthly rental with the expectation to beat the game and it hitting my 8.0/10 or higher rating scale. If not, game either gets skipped/passed or dropped.
  • Any third party game that im going to buy is on Game Pass day one, then that also becomes a $10 monthly rental.
  • Overall, no more average or even good games for me. Every game is great or better. No wasting my time and money like I have done the last two generations.

Primarily? Play more games.

Oh, and make Xboxera grow tenfold of course. :wink:


Here here!

I’m also in the camp of waiting for more sales on games, and buying less overall; Game Pass simply offers so many amazing experiences. Besides, my purchasing tendencies are more out of an outdated fear of unavailability than any rational thought…

This one. I like this one.

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  1. Continue to chip away at the massive backlog, another 30 games this year is the goal.

  2. Get caught up with the Assassin’s Creed series finally.

  3. Complete Assassin’s Creed Origins and Odyssey 100% with all DLC.

  4. Reach 175 000 Gamerscore.

  5. Play more MP and perhaps make some friends.

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Uhh what will you do if two amazing come close between? Overthink this condition;)

Overall I don’t have any goal.

My first rule is to finish a game I intend to play or have fun with (right now Dragon Quest 11) and only after start a new one. If a game starts to get boring it’s okay to leave it for good. I did that with Origins and Odyssey. Finished the main plot but couldn’t bring myself to play all the DLCs…

Rule 2: Play Sea of Thieves till the end of time and once Halo comes rotate with it :stuck_out_tongue:

Coop and multiplayer games are excluded from rule one anyways.

I only had two gaming-related resolutions for 2020 and I’m happy that I fulfilled them: reach 150,000 Gamerscore with a 2.00 ratio.

For 2021 I’d like to maintain my 2.0 ratio and reach 250,000 Gamerscore. I’d also like to achieve a 70% completion rate.

To summarize:

  1. Reach 250,000 Gamerscore (currently at 158,165);
  2. Maintain a 2.0 TA Ratio (currently at 1.97 – I guess some achievements decreased in value in the last few days);
  3. Achieve a 70% completion rate (currently at 43.3%).

If you mean two games that im going to buy, play and complete releases on the same day, then both of them get pre-ordered and purchased.

I pre-ordered Watch Dogs Legion at GameStop the week before the game released, picked it up on launch day and still have it. It will be the first game I play when I finally get the Series X.

I pre-ordered the digital gold editions of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Immortals Fenyx Rising. I pre-ordered Cyberpunk 2077 but won’t play it until the next gen upgrade. I also pre-ordered Spider Man: Miles Morales and picked it up on launch day despite not having plans to buy a PlayStation 5 until Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart releases.

I have Gears Tactics and the Gears 5 Hivebusters DLC via Game Pass Ultimate. I redeemed the 3 month code that’s part of the Series X GameStop bundle I bought 10 days ago. I even got a free month by keeping “recurring billing” on. So basically, $11.25 a month through April 30th. Tried to get GPU via the $1 deal but I simply wasn’t eligible for it since I did that 18 months ago.

Main reason I will buy every game day one (unless it’s on Game Pass/Ultimate day one) is because every time I would wait for a sale or this or that, I would lose interest in playing the game because it would be months and in some cases years later as well as the fact that the game would be $20 or less and thus, I wouldn’t really care about the monetary loss.

Buying at full price, there are no more monetary losses because every game I buy will be played and completed. I’m only behind now because I don’t have the Series X yet. Physical game purchases take priority over digital because those games will be traded in once completed to lessen the cost. Digital games obviously can’t be sold/traded in plus if im buying a game digitally, it’s because there’s expansions that im going to play and complete which by the time that all gets released and finished, the disc copy wouldn’t be worth anything so I go digital instead.

Reaching 400,000 Gamerscore

Finishing the stories of all Xbox released Yakuza games (already finished 0-K2, working on LAD)

Try each major Xbox Game Pass Release for 2021 (The Medium, Halo: Infinite, etc.)

Finish at least 12 Backlog Games That I Currently Own (1 for Each Month)

For the 12 I’m Thinking…

1.) Gears Tactics

2.) Shadow of the Tomb Raider

3.) Final Fantasy X/X-2 or XII

4.) Ghostrunner

5.) Grim Fandango

6.) The Last Campfire

7.) Little Nightmares

8.) Othercide

9.) Okami

10.) Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

11.) South Park: The Fracture But Whole

12.) Prey

Still also debating about cleaning up/finishing some games I got halfway through or more (Resident Evil 2, Alien Isolation, Outlast 2, Kingdoms of Amalur, etc.)

I have a Series X, so mostly in 4k, but at times it might dip down to 1800p.

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Work on my 360 backlog without worrying about gamerscore. (Played every Call of Duty last year)

Stop buying games I’m never going to play and only buy a few games a year I’m 100% sure i want.

Focus on playing game pass games.

Get gamerscore to 300k.

Save up all my MS reward points = free games.

Reach 150k Gamerscore

Catch up with the Assassins Creed series (Currently going through AC II in the Ezio Collection)

Complete 50 games from my backlog. Will try to 100% at least 50% of them

  • Contribute to further make XboxEra grow after a brilliant 2020!
  • A minimum of 400k gamerscore (at 315k right now), with an eye on 450k and 500k.
  • Finishing a lot of games that I have started or that I’ll start soon-ish. Not even gonna list them, too many.
  • Use Microsoft Rewards in an even more effective way, making sure to use as much free credit as possible throughout the year.
  • Maybe do the Halo campaigns before Infinite comes out, but I’m not sure I’ll have time for that.
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A lot of my goals line up with you OP. I have terrible gaming habits so I guess my resolution is to not get hung up on bs with games this next year. I don’t need to try and play everything the day it comes out (except for halo :wink: ) if I don’t find a game fun, drop it and move on to something else. If I am having fun with a game don’t rush through it because I have a ton of stuff in my backlog that I feel the need to get to. I’ve already somewhat started this, I didn’t care for the new superhot and I looked up a guide to see how many more levels I had because I was going to force myself to finish it and then I told myself that’s stupid, you aren’t having fun. So I uninstalled it and removed it from my backlog list.

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Good behaviour:) I’m almost at the point to drop Dragon Quest:( because the story is turning in the most basic classic JRPG I have ever played. A shame because I enjoyed it a lot in the beginning. The 40 hours mark was certainly a low point. I see if it gets better after the recent “twist”. If not I move on…