Whats the best way to count online concurrent player counts of games, and how are Xbox games going?

I know you can look up the Steam concurrent player count, but what is the best way to get all concurrent player count? Is activeplayer.io a reliable source? Looking at that website and you see some Xbox games like Forza Horizon 5 are doing big numbers. It showed average of 750,000 players per day on it over the last 30 days.

Whats rhe beat way to see the ongoing success of games?

Not sure but one thing I’ve noticed is that daily videos on YouTube that cover games like FH5 get 300K to half a million views which is pretty remarkable. It seems to correlate with those daily number of players.

To me it for the cements that gap between modern gaming media and the reality on the ground.

Xbox has the weekly top charts for a general view of what’s being played. I’m not sure why a stat such as concurrent players matters at all.


Its important because it shows how popular the game,is, what the longevity of the game is, and if its a GAAS game, it shows if the game is likely to continue to be supported by the devs.

The top 50 most played chart seems like a very fair system to gauge of a game is popular . I think having actual numbers does more harm than good

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Im just really interested to know how say Forza Horizon 5 is going, or how much Halo is growing by with the new maps etc, but I want it from a trusted source that is accurate.

Other then steam most of the other numbers you get are estimates so it’s very difficult to judge user numbers. About the only other thing I can recommend is Mat Piscattela from Circana(used to be NPD) has started posting engagement numbers on a platform bases but unless you’re paying them you won’t get the exact numbers except for a few exceptional cases