What's the best Monitor for an Xbox Series X?

No. Specs have to match though.

No. Xbox had supported AMD Adaptive VSYNC and also the DisplayPort version of Adaptive VSYNC before HDMI 2.1 VRR even existed. They support the most diverse set of technologies in this area.

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Weird. It didn’t seem to work with my adaptive sync monitor I had before my M32U.

I received yesterday the Benq EX2710Q and im becoming now a Benq fanboy.

The sound is ridiculously good, I never heard of a monitor with better sound that tvs (especially of its size) The IPS light bleed is minimal, the blacks are so black.

The screen is not superbright , it is a monitor after all but on HDR it goes a lot brighter. It is very good monitor for console because it has a dedicated and accessible input button. I think it is also remote ready (I think the 4k version comes with remote as standard)

Of course I get 1440p/120 straight away on the my Series X. (I could get input of 4K but that will drop the refresh to 60). The image quality overall is very good. I got recently a second hand Plasma tv and turned into a Plasma snob, this image is comparable to that. but of course with better resolution and refresh.

Super happy with it.

edit: After a couple of months with it I am still super happy, the sound is decent TV quality, which is so weird on a monitor. The HDR is HDR400 which is supposed to be a bad thing but it works really well when the game has proper HDR or even XBOX fake HDR.

It is not good when using Windows auto HDR in games like Starfield.

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