What will be the most common resolutions for Xbox S|X + PS5

So far we are seeing seriesX + PS5 having an average of about 1700p and seriesS about 1080p

Will this continue? Or will will the direction go lower or higher?

The reason I ask this is because Im thinking about how much more powerful the consoles are to last gen.

If the seriesS is a 1080p machine then it has about 3.26x more GPU power then the last gen 1080p console, the PS4.

If the seriesX + PS5 are in that 1700p range they are 2.5x (ps5) and 3x(seriesX) more powerful then this gens 1700p console ( the 1X)

So if the seriesS remains at roughly 1080p it actually is a bigger jump then its bigger brothers.

It’s at the point where it really doesn’t matter if it’s not true 4K honestly, the difference between something like 1600-1800p and 2160p isn’t even that noticeable on a 4K TV. 60fps > native 4K, if you want a game to be a stunning showcase then do 4k30 RT or 1440p 60 RT. I would take 1600-1800p@60 over 4K@>60.

Maybe with all the smart things like SFS and VRS we could hit native “4K” 60 with certain bits of the screen full 4k and the rest rendered lower. It’s going to get very messy in future because of this, some parts of the game could render in full 4K while other parts render in 1440p.

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2160p Series X 1800p PS5 1080p Series S

Honestly, I hope they forego native 4k for AI reconstruction and temporal AA.

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Dynamic resolution…in just about everything…

Yes I would rather have better settings @ 1800p then slightly inferior settings@ 4k