What Ubisoft launch window game are you most hyped for?

With at least eight confirmed Ubisoft games coming in the next year which one are you most hyped for?

  • Watch Dogs Legion
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
  • Just Dance 2021
  • Immortals Fenyx Rising
  • Riders Republic
  • Prince of Persia Remake
  • Far Cry 6
  • Roller Champions

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ACV is top of my list but also keen on WDL and Fenyx Rising. I’m also keen on the new Rainbow Six but not sure it makes 2021 yet!

It’s Far Cry 6, even though it just got delayed to who knows when.

For me -

  1. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Super hyped for Valhalla. Expecting an easy 9+ for me personally and what will probably be my game of the year. However, im not playing it until January as I always play the games that im least hyped for first.

  1. Immortals Fenyx Rising

Hyped for Immortals as it looks like the BOTW game I always wanted. An actual story, voiced protagonist and far better combat. This is set to be my December game. It has gone gold so the chances of a delay are slim but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was delayed to early 2021 even though im hoping it’s not.

  1. Watch Dogs Legion

Least hyped for Legion of the top three games im listing. A lot that I have seen has turned me off to the game but hopefully, my plan to get around it will work when actually playing the game but I have to wait until November 10th to see.

  1. Far Cry 6

This would be at least third but it’s been delayed and there’s been no gameplay yet which im not expecting until next year sometime. I love Far Cry and have confidence that they will get the series back on track after Far Cry 5 and New Dawn.

  1. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake

This is 50/50. I will wait for the Xbox Series X upgrade and go from there.

I really like the look of IFR. I suspect it’s behind delayed and it’s also graphically fairly basic. But looks a lot of fun.

ACV will be good I just like the new AC games.

Watch Dogs to me looks undercooked and buggy with some good ideas but lacking a lot of polish.

Far Cry games are always fun for a bit but then descend into a bit of boredom.

Honestly none of them really? I’m a bit burned out on AC since I just finished 100%ing Odyssey a month or so ago and the setting isn’t super interesting to me personally. I played a bit of Watch Dogs 2 but bounced off it and I don’t think I get the gimmick of Legion where you can play as anyone. I bounced off of Far Cry 4 after loving 3 so 6 might be a miss as well.

Immortals looks neat but again, I just finished a giant Ubi Ancient Greece game, plus it might skew a bit too young for me (haven’t seen much to be fair)

My plan is to wait 12-18 months. If history’s any indication, by then Valhalla Gold Edition will be on sale for like $25-$30.

Really, with BC and Yakuza 7 and eventually Cyberpunk, I don’t think I’ll be champing at the bit for more games to play.

Edit: I have a friend who’s SUPER pumped about Valhalla though, they went all out and got the version that comes with a statue and it made their year. They even got a shirt with Eivor on it, thinks she’s waifu material :man_shrugging: