What’s your fav and least fav city in Skyrim?

Alright Xbox Era. I what’s your fav and least fav city in Skyrim? Do any cities standout one way or another? Maybe you like Winterhold because of the Mage College and hate Markarth cause it’s built in the mountain side? Maybe you like Solitude cause your an imperial player and hate Windhelm cause it’s Stormcloak or vice versa?

What say you Skyrim people?

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Riften is my favorite and Makarth is my least favorite (ton of potential but disappointed big time)

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Now that I had to think about it for the first time I realized I don’t really like any of the cities. I guess Whiterun is my favourite simply because it’s where my first home was, and I used that as a base of operations for quite some time until I built my own place.

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My favourite is Solitude, my least favourite is Markarth.

Solitude has that cool town on a cliff vibe going on, and Markarth looks cool, but has nothing else going for it.

Whiterun for obvious reasons.

Windhelm is probably my least favourite in terms to visit, depressing ass vibes.

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Falkreath is probably my favorite since I use Lakeview as my home. I like the wooded hunters area. I think Markarth is interesting too.

Least favorite might be Dawnstar. I just hardly ever go up there. If not that then definitely Windhelm.

The moment you go in the front doors you see someone talking down to a Dark Elf. It’s terrible.

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My favorite city is Whiterun. I know it’s relatively boring, but it is a chill place. My least favorite is Markarth. Place is confusing :sweat_smile:.

Every corner of the game is polished and beautiful to the extreme, and the thing that most overlook is that Jeremy Soule melodies have given the game such grandeur and aesthetic that after 10 years it feels the greatness of the world.

The thing that made me regret and I hope is that Bethesda deals with Jeremy Soule again for ES6 (Jeremy Soule is elder Scrolls and elder Scrolls is Jeremy Soule)

Whiterun is great cause it’s the obvious first place to get a house which is cheap, and the house is right by the entrance. So when you fast travel into town just drop off shit in your chest it’s in and out.

In terms of function it’s probably my fav town.

I still get confused in that place sometimes which I basically never do else where.


Markarth, it’s my favorite because it has some of the easiest to acquire Dwemer metal, and if you’re willing dodge around Falmer, you can even get a full Dwemer armor without needing to make it yourself, shield too. It also has a Black smith that can train you up to level 50 and can make you a friend of the orcs. There’s also a good amount of hanging moss to use for power leveling alchemy a short distance away, that leads to an orc stronghold with a Black Smith that can teach you heavy armor up to level 75. If you make one of the orcs your follower, you can take the key to the stronghold from their inventory and go inside to investigate the basement where you can get a heavy armor training book and some ingredients for alchemy. There’s also a tower not too far from there that has a Dwemer armor top, more Dwemer metal and a heavy armor training book.

Markarth, it’s my least favorite because of the freaking forsworn and their quest, no matter how good the armor of the old gods is.

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