What Marvel/DC exclusive should Microsoft pursue to counter Sony?

For a game like this that’s being sold as a “platform” this is already a huge warning sign for me that this will not be a good game. Why would you shoot yourself in the foot not just on xbox but also on PC where games as “platforms” strive. Adding more exclusive heroes would only make this game worst.

I want MS to pursue Spawn.

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Fuck comic book games. I’d rather new IP then comic book games. So, to counter, make some original IP.

Give me more please! This was so exciting to me when it first dropped. A Buffy… console game exclusive to Xbox?!! Both this and Chaos Bleeds hold up shockingly well.

Would love for them to do a Green Lantern based game, centered around the seven different lantern corps. Probably would be multiplayer-centric, but with players being given a choice of which lantern corps they would want join.

I could see this game blowing up, as long as they get the game mechanics right.

The problem is that what Sony is doing actually works. Now because of this, the majority of the sales are going to go to Sony’s version. This isn’t necessarily about countering Sony as much as it is about the fact that Microsoft needs to be more pro active when it comes to getting exclusive deals with big third party games.

I’m unique in that it has the opposite effect not only will I not get that product on a Sony device, I now won’t get the game at all. Am I a small minority? Sure, but I will not sacrifice my principles to support shitty practices where ever they may be.

I’ve said it before exclusive games are a necessary evil, times DLC that’s like 30 days while shifty is tolerable but locking out a portion of any game to a huge part of the community permanently or till the game is no longer viable is disgusting and will not be supported by me in any way.