What kinda game would Kojima be interested in making?

We know that Kojima was in talks with Stadia bout making a cloud game. But since that got cancelled with the rest of there projects, which has me thinking that he must have a cloud specific projects that he wants to make. Plus we add this with what Death Stranding was like and I could see his next game being this kinda AR/IRL game where everyone in the cloud is connected and needs to help each other to succeed.

So let’s brainstorm…

I propose a Management Sim where there are a set amount of resources in the game that everyone on the cloud have to share inorder to progress. And your avatar can be sent out as a mercenary for others to do quests. And there is a automatic win state if everyone shares all resources equally between all the players.

Theres no way he’s making another Death Stranding. Noone will or should give him the money to do something like that again.

He HAD to make a cloud game for Stadia because thats all Stadia uses.

Even if its a “multiplayer” type game it would benefit from GamePass.

I’m hoping its something that has good writing and good gameplay. Death Stranding was one of the most boring games i’ve played and the story was utter drivel and a waste of time.

He’d be better suited to a smaller budget or mid budget type game with some crazy ideas that involve a 15-20 hour experience as opposed to 50 hours of utter tedium


Maybe your right. But the reason I think it will be another Death stranding game is because his next game wasn’t going to be in the PlayStation. More then likely Sony said no to funding another Stranding game and Kojima said fine I’ll just go to another platform that wants me. Hence first Stadia and now Xbox.

I have no idea, but something like “Dark Pictures Anthology” could be cool. Not necessarily horror, or not just horror. Would fit nicely with Game Pass with episodes coming out every couple months.

More realistically I would expect something weird like Death Stranding that I probably won’t really like :stuck_out_tongue:


That could just mean AAA game.

He’s not making another Death stranding type game ever again. If anything he’ll go back to something more conventional.

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What makes you think that? The only arguments I hear as to why he shouldn’t make a death stranding game is that people either didn’t like it but I think there is a large enough community that loved it for him to want to continue it.

I think until there are no more easy sources of funding he isn’t going back to conventional games.

Ya some weird anthology game.

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I’m only interested in his project if it’s horror related.

Hell, just rip off his own game and make PT with a different name.


He never got chance to continue ZOE, and MS want a mech game.


Surprise me!

Not the postman one offcourse :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I wish this is the case

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if so i would be interested

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I believe ZOE is currently in development with Cygames. Or at least last I heard. Not sure if it’s been cancelled or what’s happened there


A Kojima Mech Assault game? I would be down for that