What is your favorite Nintendo console?

There were many games that just had to use larger carts so they cost much more.

I remember $100 for Virtua Racing on Genesis haha.

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Yeah I remember reading about the cart sizes in reviews and that being a sort of indicator of a games quality, size, graphics or whatever.

Yes, same for me, in terms of it being the Super( it’s not 3rd for me though) -my friend own a video game store when the N64 released so I got to play all the games for every system at that time, everyday, and the controller along with Nintendo basically no longer making the kind of games that appealed to me at all caused me to abandon them probably forever.

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Man you missed out on a lot of games.

More of a Nintendo Handheld fan. Owned and loved every handheld generation Nintendo ever released. Ironically though I never owned a Nintendo home console before I bought the Switch, so that’s where my vote goes.

The SNES was such a big part of me growing up, that it has to be my vote.

GameCube second, titles like Wario Ware, Beach Spikers, Mario Golf/Soccer/Tennis and F-Zero GX were multiplayer favorites among friends. And we spent lots of time at my place as it being most central. Good times.

  • Another Nintendo Console

Yeah I’ve missed out on a lot of Nintendo games, but there are just so many games out there. You miss out on games just by playing another game, you only have so much time.

But im talking the absolute best. It depends what you spend time playing. Its one thing to miss out on a console and its exclusive…but an entire backlog of a companies console exclusives for 20 years? Thats a lot of games.

There are a lot of games out there but not many as good.

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My least favorite is the switch.

The hardware is mediocre, the software library is predominantly re-releases, the original games for it mostly haven’t done anything for me (outside of a small handful), and I don’t like portable gaming all that much. Which if you aren’t big on portable it is a pretty poor home console.

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I’ve lived NES days, played most of Nin 1P games but honestly didn’t impact me half what SEGA Mega Drive did or PS1/PS2

The Only gaming device I really really loved from Nintendo, is (DS)

DS came in such a bad era on gaming ( 2007 - 2009 ) I know lots of my friends and family members dropped gaming since those days but luckily DS and it library SAVED my passion in gaming, still considering these games as my all time favorite:

  • New Super Mario Bros
  • Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
  • Castlevania: Patriot of Ruins
  • Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
  • SRW: W
  • SRW: K
  • SRW: L
  • SRW: Endless Frontier

After that Steam Era came and saved everything : )

There is one game I like to mention, Hopes it came back by Switch Version, it’s: Kirby: and the Rainbow Curse well crafted touch game <3 <3 <3

Nintendo 64 for lyf

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GameCube has always been my favorite too and up until I really got back into playing switch I would have agreed about the Library but I think the switch is about to surpass it. God I loved that system though.

I still voted GameCube. I didn’t have it in me not to.

N64 was the best one and is unmatched in both library and the impact it had on future generations. Revolutionized 3D games, had the best lineup of 3D platformers in history, had the greatest wrestling game of all time in WWF No Mercy, revolutionized console multiplayer shooters with Goldeneye 007, had an incredible lineup of racing games from the Mario Kart 64 to Waverace 64 to Diddy Kong Racing to Excitebike. Started the Mario Tennis, Golf, Party, Smash Bros and and Paper Mario franchises. Perfect Dark, Conker, Banjo-Kazooie, Rogue Squadron, Episode 1 Racer, Blast Corps, Pokemon Stadium and Snap, Turok. I haven’t even mentioned Zelda or DK64.

The list of incredible games is endless.

I loved the 3D Castlevania games too as well as Fighters Destiny and Rayman 2(which was vastly superior to the PS1 version)

Shame Nintendo won’t put half of these games on the NSO. Its just the same games we’ve had before.