What is Microsoft’s current marketing strategy

Well, one is a big transmedia IP and has regular marketing across TV, internet and so on.

If multiplatform, the concern wouldn’t exist. Basically, Bethesda Games are heel to everyone’s eyes.

“Imagine a game being popular without being released on Playstation” :exploding_head:

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1 - Zelda being so low surprises me. I assumed that it would be the most anticipated game with some margin.

2 - Starfield at number 2 is interesting since it is a brand new IP.

3 - The anticipation for Hogwarts is deserved imo although I never cared for that IP personally (only seen the first few movies back when they were in theaters). All of the gameplay that has been shown for Hogwarts has looked fantastic.

Probably because people still search from BOTW 2.


Microsoft’s marketing strategy is centered on promoting their products and services as tools(LinkedIn sales navigator google chrome extension) for businesses and organizations to improve productivity and collaboration, and for individuals to improve their personal and professional lives. They also position themselves as a provider of cutting-edge technology, such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing. Microsoft’s marketing efforts often focus on highlighting the ways their products and services can be used to drive innovation, improve efficiency, and empower users. Additionally, they promote their commitment to diversity and inclusion, accessibility, and environmental sustainability through their products, services and company culture.

is that robot doing the robot


I wanted to respond by having Chatgpt translate your definition of Microsoft’s Xbox marketing strategy as a human gamer but ChatGPT is at capacity right now.

Its odd that there’s no marketing for age of empire which releases in a week. I forgot all About it if my friend didn’t remind me

Maybe starts tomorrow?

Hopefully, just seems odd there’s not much marketing for it on social media and whatnot

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After seeing how well Hi-Fi Rush’s shadow drop did. I can see shadow drops becoming more of a thing for Xbox. Especially for the smaller games.


I love surprises.

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