What if Microsoft bought all of Warner Bros?

As an investor, I hope they don’t do this. They can already get revenue from deals with content partners like Paramount (and WB) without having to spend billions on buying the likes of WB outright.

Just because Sony is in the content game, that doesn’t mean MS have to be too. They’re making good coin as it is.

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That’d be a massive waste of money. WBD is probably going to be valued at 150B which means with the premium it’s probably cost them 200B to close the deal. They’d probably pay out 1 Bethesda in fees if the deal falls through. That’s WAY too much capital invested in making video game adaptations which are notoriously hard to get right.

Better to continue letting the creatives at the development studios put an idea together and then pitch it to studios and let them take the brunt of the financial L.


they won’t buy any big company until they have finalized Activision Blizzard. and i have a hard time thinking about EA and especially Take Two post zynga

almost nobody takes it into consideration but paradox would be a very good addition for the pc gamepass

then there are a bunch of independent studios definitely cheap on which they can make offers that in my opinion are worth much more than any existing publisher.

I see people in hoping for Warner media… microsoft aims at video games not movies! if ever it was interested it would be better to take Paramount with whom they already collaborate for halo and make a proposal to buy Warner Bros game with some ip

This is my wish, not gonna lie. But they won’t get all of Warner, they’d go for WB Games if they are going for them at all. Ideally it would include the licenses too.

I mean studios like Rocksteady have shown they know what to do with licensed games, so that’s definitely a plus too.

You guys saying that Microsoft shouldn’t buy WB might still be thinking about old Microsoft. New Microsoft is worth 2 trillion. That money needs to be spent somewhere, why not invest in Warner -Discovery. It benefits their current businesses and opens up new opportunities.

Someone even suggested Microsoft should buy “cheap” developers a couple posts up. 2 trillion dollars guys. Yes that money needs to be spent intelligently but not spending is ignoring the future and too conservative.

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Because they have no interest in what WB is involved in? Idk seems simple.

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That would be surprising considering all of their competitors seem to be jumping into streaming. Why wouldn’t Microsoft want that as well?

Because thats another segment thats more expensive and even riskier.

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It’s because they see gaming as a market where they can be a leader in and make it a core pillar of their business. By focusing on gaming they can pour their money into it rather than spreading it.

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I don’t see much of a downside. Worst case scenario you could always sell HBO WB Discovery. The real risk is letting Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Google YouTube have all the fun. WB owns all the DC ip, that alone should tell you how valuable these ip could be for Xbox. But again why exactly wouldn’t Microsoft want a streaming service? They are part of movies anywhere, it’s not like they haven’t thought about it.


I agree with this. If Amazon and Apple gaming services take off and Sony’s TV and movies take off and they all bundle streaming with gaming that could leave MS having to play catch up in that area. MS however has been pretty good at predicting the future so they might really not see that as an issue


Because those ones weren’t (still aren’t) full on gaming, while MS is. Also MS has other areas of subs which they don’t cover (like Office and productivity stuff). Not all companies should do the same exact thing.

2 trillion dollars. Buying WB makes sense to me based on how rich new Microsoft is. Out of curiosity where should Microsoft spend that money? (No small answers either, think of something big.)

Double down on gaming even more after ABK to became market leader and surpassing even Tencent. Games are more future proof and profitable than movies/tv stuff, also it’s an arena they know.

Considering EA doesn’t want to sell and they are very strong (even if BF bombed), T2 also bought Zynga to defend themselves, I’d say it’s time to expand seriously in Asia, being a japanese or korean publisher. It would also raise way less regulatory concerns than a EA, T2 or Ubisoft.

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WB Gaming through?

I like the idea of buying a Japan publisher like Sega personally. That is ironically way more messy than WB since Japanese companies are diversified in things like pachinko machines and anime.

It seems unlikely Sony will acquire WB and honestly, can they even?

So the danger is always lurking that another big one gobbles them up. Do we know if WB still wants to sell?

Well people here keep saying to break apart WB and just buy the gaming part. Why you wouldn’t want the entire company is beyond me. It would be great for your gaming business to own WB ip. It would also be great for your cloud business to own a streaming service. It would also be in line with your company subscription goals. It would feel like a synergy to combine a streaming video service with a streaming gaming service. HBO Max is good, I’m currently a subscriber, give me a Gamepass discount on that :sunglasses:


Yeah apparently MS isn’t interested in all that. I wonder, have they said so themselves? We sometimes have comments too that they aren’t interested in licenses but I have a hard time believing that. Getting all the DC heroes, the studios that made some amazing games would be a huge, huge get.

They’d get the studio that did amazing Batman games, they would get the studio that makes the LEGO games, the studio that made Shadow of Mordor and War. And if licenses are included…oh my. I hope so much MS doesn’t let this one go to the competition, if they can even afford it, don’t know.

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