What hobbies do you have outside of videogames?

I’m curious what the members of XboxEra do when they are not playing games or consuming other gaming related content.

Personally I’m a practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a fantastic video game like martial art where ever session it feels like you’re earning exp and levelling up your IRL character. I’d recommend this to anyone and everyone.

Besides that I’m also into powerlifting and amateur photography, but I don’t do much photography these days.

DJ & music production, also love cooking.

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I make AI Art everyday. Probably my main hobby these days.


Very nice ! AI art and video content is the future for sure. So you are essentially a prompt expert ? And which AI image generator do you use ?

My picture here is AI art, guess what prompts I used

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Indoors: I probably consider myself a movie lover first and a gamer second, but since they’re both audio visual hobbies, they complement each other quite well in terms of equipment needed.

Outdoors: I love disc golf. In the summertime I easily spend more time playing disc golf than playing videogames. And even when I’m indoors, I end up watching professional disc golf a lot of time that could be spent playing videogames or watching movies.

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I read a lot, mostly mangas and psychology books, probably love reading as much as gaming. I’m really into any form of theater, but musical theater is my goat.


Watching movies/TV shows on whatever streaming service I happen to be subscribed to at the time which currently is Peacock, watching wrestling (WWE and AEW) and following the NFL since im a football guy.

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I love cooking and cook myself at least one meal a day, and I want to someday get into baking (I’m somewhat scared of it :disappointed:)

I also recently picked up coffee brewing, mainly because my brother has most of the tools so I said why not. I roast the beans and grind them all at home, and found my favorite tool for it in the AeroPress, I didn’t think coffee could be that delicious before.


I used to feel the same about baking, but gave it a shot and have done a couple of simple recipes which came out really good, so will keep at it.

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DJing and music production as well!

I also started a modest boardgame collection since the pandemic. Stuff like Arkham Horror The Cardgame, Spirit Island and HEAT.

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Obviously the Microsoft one :laughing: Xbox for life.


As for a “prompt expert “? Prompt expert is just elitest bs when people proclaim themselves AI experts. AI is for the people… everyone should use this moment of technology to make thier ideas come to life.

The people most scared of AI, “The AI haters” , are the ones that don’t want us regular people having all this creative power.

I personally think the AI key is being creative and not being afraid to experiment. To me the “idea” is the most important thing. Once I think of a cool idea then my competitiveness kicks in and I want to make sure I generate enough images until I get it as good as possible because my biggest fear is coming up with a great idea then having someone come along and do it better.

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TV(I watch a lot less movies and shows lately though, as I find gaming to be a more fun experience overall)

Fanfiction(I love reading on how different people interpret events in media and how they would change it)

Reading(it’s fun and it helps me get into even more fanfiction)

Cooking(I like experimenting with cooking and trying out different foods)

Music(I don’t really have much of an ear for music, but I really like to listen to as much as I can, recently been listening to traditional Japanese covers of modern and gaming songs)


Alcohol and Cocaine :rofl:

All seriousness, reading about History and world affairs.