What GAAS elements do you think will be in Fable and Avowed?

Just wondered what GAAS elements everyone thinks will be in Fable and Avowed?

For Fable I’m thinking we’ll get co op raid style quests along with the ability to acquire boosts and better gear through optional MTX.

Avowed is more difficult to judge but given it’s an RPG maybe it will be around character boosts and alot of dlc packs?

I can’t see Avowed not having some GAAS element as I doubt making a single player AAA RPG is a good fit for the gamepass model.

Avowed? None Fable? See Fable 2/3 and coop stuff

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Not even close…same as Avowed, DLC/Expansion packs

Stop acting like Fable is going to be Destiny

Daily, Weekly and Monthly tasks for Fable.

Possibly shared world for Fable too, or just a hub town.

Expansion packs for both of them.

Both will have DLC but I expect Avowed to be only single player with no online elements, for Fable going by PG’s Forza games it will probably have a shared world online element where you can join other heroes to take on quests and stuff like that but I don’t think the single player experience will be sacrificed because of it going by their Forza games which all have great single player campaigns, as long as the online isn’t forced I’m happy, I will play both modes but first I want a single player world for me to explore.


Honestly the freedom from Horizon fits well into the original Fable concept.


It does which is why I think PG is one of the best studios to take on Fable, a Fable open world similar to Witcher 3 would be amazing.


Avowed - None.

Fable - CoOp but purely optional. I do expect free quests like The Witcher 3 did but mainly paid expansions post launch which is perfectly fine by me.


I feel like Avowed will have minimal GaaS elements, while I expect Fable to some some of those elements.

For games like these, where I’m hoping they’re primarily single player experiences, I’d be ok if either took elements from the recent Assassin’s Creed games content and monetization strategy. For both AC: Odyssey and Origins, I felt the season pass content was a good value. And I never felt it necessary to use real world money on anything. I could’ve done without the double XP mtx pack in Odyssey though.

Outside of maybe some co-op features in Fable, I hope they don’t have any GaaS elements. The only “GaaS” game they should be modeled after is Witcher 3 and I think that game is GaaS in a very loose sense. The only GaaS element of Witcher 3 is their flow of smaller content DLC, updates/patches over time, and two major expansions. In the past, we just called this a game with good support but now I guess it’s considered a GaaS title.

All I know is I don’t want any Destiny, SoT, SoD2, Anthem, etc. nonsense in these games.


GAAS seems to have morphed to being shorthand for “being like Destiny” or “having Multiplayer” and it’s kinda weird when that’s not what the term means. Anyways Avowed will most likely have post launch updates, likely notable dlc/an expansion. Fable will have co-op in some form, probably a “Heroe’s Guild” aspect I would think, it too will likely have post launch updates, notable dlc and expansions. I also expect both to not necessarily get a direct sequel versus updates and expansions for a few years time after release or even the whole gen but that’s just a guess on my part.

These should come day 1 with an 80hr single player campaign and then GaaS can add things later.


I agree with you in regards to both games even though I wouldn’t mind single player story driven expansions in either game ala The Witcher III.

Neither should be like Destiny, etc. but I can see and understand why Halo Infinite would be. 343 would have to add at least monthly content for the multi-player aspects but I do hope that game gets single player story driven expansions throughout it’s lifetime.

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I’m really hoping it isn’t much. These are the two titles that I am essentially buying a SX for, and I’m just not much of a GaaS fan. I’m just hopeful they come out sometime before 2023, because the wait will be terrible

Yeah definitely hope we see some Witcher 3 expansions to all three games. Halo would have to have single player expansions since it’s a 10 year project.

I’d even be OK with the shared world mechanic from Forza Horizon 4 in Fable but without the events. If it’s an optional feature that would make it easier to find co-op friends great. However I want the option to turn it off and I don’t want the single player experience to suffer at all by any external feature.

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I agree with everything you said especially having the option to turn off the shared world because for someone like me who’s a single player console only gamer, I don’t want to be forced to play online with other people. As long as it’s optional and I can ignore by turning it off, great.


I suspect none in Avowed but DLC

It wouldn’t suprise me if Fable has 2 expansions and extra sidequests. PlayGround likes to iterate. It will still be content rich, just extra on top to encourage consistent GP subscription.

In Fable I expect hop-in, hop-out co-op, perhaps some raids, maybe some very limited PVP but I wouldn’t bet money on it.

In Avowed some co-op at best.