What franchises would you like to see a mobile version of?

Being an adult with all kinds of commitments, responsibilities and a career with a commute, mobile and handheld gaming appeals to me much more these days as I get less time to sit behind my gaming PC and play a game, and also its hard to make myself sit at a desk after doing that all day.

I’ve begun playing more mobile games lately and it makes me really appreciate the medium… Being able to pull my phone out of my pocket and play a quick game of something when I have a moment of free time, no matter where I am really highlights the benefit of the medium.

Lately it’s been marvel snap and clash of clans that I’ve been enjoying.

I’d love to see more big franchises hit mobile. Even better if their mobile counterparts allow you to unlock stuff in the “real” games.

What games would you guys like to see make an attempt on mobile ?

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Rocket League (Sideswipe sucks) :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would like to see more mobile Halo games, Spartan Assult could use a reboot. Maybe as a fire fight style game, so they would only need to worry about new maps and randomizing of waves.

I remember there was this pretty cool Infinite runner Halo that was made by fans on windows mobile(heck maybe it could be on Android, should probably look). I would like to see something like that as well.

Maybe a town management game based on Fable, with the usual activities that people get on in Fable.

A Microsoft Bejeweled cooperation with one of their fantasy IP, without the town management section. There’s a game on Xbox that I think would be the perfect thing to copy, but I can’t recall the name.

Bring the rest of the Minecraft spin off the mobile if possible, the IP is massive on mobile too and keeping 3 spinoff on PC and console only makes no sense. How they get away with it? They bring the original versions for the discounted prices they can be bought now and have an in game option to buy the DLC.

Maybe a Gears tactics Spin off, or even a Spartan Assult style game. The Horde Mode in the style of Spartan assault could be fun.

But also, for full on mobile versions of console/pc games, made with scaling down to mobile hardware in mind. Edit: wanted to add, that these games would be the smaller titles Microsoft is letting their teams build in between the larger ones, and even then they would only be the ones that can be scaled back with all their features.

I wonder if the resident evil inspired inventory management game is on mobile too? Since it doesn’t seem like something that couldn’t be scaled down.(Edit: game is called Save Room and I don’t see it searching the android store, bought it on Xbox)

I remember there were quite a few old Dragon Quest/Final Fantasy turn based rps on the windows mobile store. With older Dragon Quest games being available to buy on Android currently, so maybe something similar done with one of the current fantasy IPs Microsoft owns? With the game being available everywhere, with cross platform saves.

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None since I have zero interest in mobile gaming but I would love to see Assassin’s Creed Jade which is an upcoming mobile game get ported to consoles especially since it’s basically Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 2.

From the little I’ve played of Viva Pinata, it feels like it could be a great mobile game.

Forza Motorsport could use a mode similar to GT’s B-Spec. Essentially make it work like an idle game where you set up races and can watch how they do or check the results.

I’d love to see a console first reboot, myself. Done in UE5.

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No reason it wouldn’t be on all platforms, as the original was. Limiting it to console and pc also doesn’t make much sense, with mobile being a streaming version. Specially with Microsofts future Xbox everywhere plans.


In this vein, I’d love to see a mobile ship builder and/or outpost builder for Starfield.

Ship builder would probably be the easiest to pull off, especially if they rolled out the oft requested ability to save and share builds.

As someone who’s spent untold hours in the ship builder, I know I’d spend untold more if I could do so on my phone and save the progress.


Yeah that’s why I’ve worded it “console first”. Leverage all of the graphical capabilities of console and a controller first mindset and then make adequate changes for things like touch screen and reduced graphical capabilities (UE5 could be scaled to such platforms).

That would be a great idea, a companion app for Starfield that allows you to make ships, maybe even settlements, and allows you to sync your creations back to your actual game save file.


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You have to admit a proper 3D mobile version would be awesome!

It’s possible as there’s already lots of knock-offs such as “Rocket Car Ball” :joy:

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I have no idea what you’re talking about. Rocket League is a stupid game for stupid people.

*ahem* and that doesn’t even include my EGS time. edit: oh fuck! It doesn’t even include my Xbox time. I have a problem.


Hahaha, I try to avoid live service games as much as I can these days but Rocket League keeps unfortunately dragging me back in - it’s very much a love hate relationship! I hate to think how much time I have spent on it across Steam, Xbox and Switch.

Technically Metal Gear Solid already had a handheld version, but I so would enjoy a new Metal Gear Acid.