What does the FidelityFX CAS setting in COD Vanguard do on Series x?

Anyone got a breakdown of what these settings are doing when enabled and adjusted on the Series X?

When turning it on or off or adjusting the effect it does not let you see the difference so I’m not sure which options looks best. Anyone with details as to what this setting does would be appreciated.

Makes the game look sharper. I turn it on, annoyingly I have to turn it in, EVERY time I play :confused:

Looks sharper with it on but game still looks off to me somehow.

Does anyone else have egregious frame dips in both SP and MP. SP at times seems to go down to 10FPS. Must be bugs but wondered if it was to do with the texture streaming? Didn’t have these issues in beta. Also the game has much more input lag imo than the beta I played.

I turned off the texture streaming for multiplayer. I was noticing significant frame rate dips. I’ll pay more attention to whether it has any impact on the game or not. Others had mentioned that texture streaming can affect your speed so.