What do YOU want to see in terms of Content from the XboxEra team?

Love all the ideas.

I also want to give a shoutout to the team for the amount of content (both written and video) that we’ve been able to create these past few weeks. It’s been a busy summer.

August 5th

August 12th

August 17th

August 20th

August 25th

August 26th

August 27th

August 30th

August 31st

September 4th

September 4th

And that’s only the reviews! Hope you guys and gals want to see more stuff like this from us.


With interviews, we’d love to be able to interview all sorts of people but we’re not in a position to be able make demands right now. We take whatever we can get and we reach out a LOT.

In the space of a year we’ve interviewed or had on the podcast:

  • Adam Isgreen from Xbox
  • Karisma Williams from Microsoft/Xbox
  • Thomas Mahler from Moon
  • Chris McEntee from Moon
  • Tomas Sala the Falconeer dev
  • Adam Brennecke from Obsidian

Which isn’t too bad in my opinion given we’ve started from zero.

If you want more people, shout out to them. Tweet them and let them know.


Why isn’t that one in the review section? :open_mouth:

Oh, It is. Just completely missed it. Oops.

I would love to see an interview with the backward compatible team. Serious software engineering has gone on there, but there’s other issues they’ve had to consider like licenses for music in old games.

A interview about the typical work the BC team had to do in order to make Game X backward-compatible would be great. What challenges did they face? Did they have trouble tracking down who had the licence for this soundtrack? Could they add DirectML HDR to the title?


I really love what you guys are doing already, it’s difficult to say that I would want more from you at the moment. I’m enjoying the content I do absorb and enjoying the podcast inparticular.

I know you discussed this briefly on the last podcast, but making the podcast weekly would be nice but totally understand the commitment that would be for the team.

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Leading into next gen launch, it might be neat to do retro-reviews of the launch lineups of previous gens. Like a review of the Xbox launch lineup, one for 360, X1…

  • Gamepass recommendations
  • Hidden XB1/360 gems
  • Possibly revisit a multiplayer game 6-12 months after launch
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I like the idea of art work.

Perhaps we could have technical threads for TV and audio calibrations and trouble shooting.

I already shared my idea on the “Pro VS Novice” game reviews.

A resident genre expert/enthusiast and a genre newcomer/“amateur” give their thoughts on certain games. Fighting/Sim/Soulslike, etc.


I would love to do some XboxEra Retro/Classic content.

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Hey I’ve gone off reviews a bit so for me I usually go to Twitch on day one of a games release to see how it plays and the reactions from streamer and chat. Would it be possible for a Twitch channel where it gets passed around between your team to show off games that way?


Review/early streaming is a tricky one - we’re all remote, and all have our genre tastes and wants. Not everyone in the team is setup for streaming, and if they are, they might not be the one that has the review/early copy in hand. Saying that, folks on our team buy and play a lot of games either way.

But yes, we’re working on it. We’re also looking at things like community custom nights with titles like Halo etc.


Yeah true it wouldn’t be cheap getting streaming setups for multiple people. I’m just saying I trust seeing a game in action more than reviews, even hearing your thoughts on the games in OT’s and on Xbox Discord I’m more likely to get into a game that way. Ill keep up with your Twitch anyway should be fun! :slight_smile: keep up the good work it’s building up nicely!

For what it’s worth, nearly all of our reviews contain footage made by us, on real hardware, that shows how the game is played. Of course it’s more of a clip show than an extended live gameplay session, but we’ll try and get to that too :slight_smile:

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That is a great idea.


I really liked some of the comparisons you guys made showing X enhanced game improvements.

With the SX launch could be a ongoing series showcasing visual upgrades, how performance and loading times compare etc.

Kinda a Xbox only face off with all different consoles.

Loved this idea.


You guys could do it as a kind of let’s play. You already got a great team going, who could provide the ‘expert’ view, and invite a different person from the community for every game to be the ‘novice’. This way you make interesting content, and involve the community.

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