What do you Pay at the Checkout for Games? They are $119.95 in Australia

Hi, Just seen the Redfall Price in Australia. We can only advertise about any product or service the checkout price (Except for rare merchant fees).

I have seen the Price for $119.95 AU Which is About $84 (Just times by AU price by 0.7). We have a Sales Tax (Or GST) of 10%. So the No Tax Price is $109.05 AU, USD is about $76/77 USD.

Is this just some inflation they have added on or does this look like a Mistake and the Accountants do not how to convert money at the Exchange.

So I ask, even though bigger games are said to be $70 games, what’s the average price your back account decreases with the purchase?


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Note This is Digital Price. A Local Retailer has at the Normal next gen price.

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The cost of games has gone to insane levels here. If it wasn’t for Game Pass, I may well have checked out of this hobby this gen.

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Too Right. Luky for MS rewards 2 as well.

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GamePass day 1 and if you really care to own it, buy the game down the line in a sale.


It’s not the Point. Why let a company blindly rip customers off. It’s not the amount, it’s the principle. Esp for Series S owners. If we do not hold these companies to account, they will just push the boundaries. Agan, if you’re from the USA, what is the checkout price you pay?

Nearly all my games are “free” thanks to Game Pass Ultimate subscription service.

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What do other $70 USD games cost in Australia? 76/77 isn’t that far off from the 70 here.

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Forgot to mention how GamePass service also brings a disount for games, where its 10% after the first X days and then jumps to 20% after the games been on the service for longer. I don’t recall the exact days, but I want to say its likely multiples of 30 days.

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I rarely bought games new back in the day when they were still £40 at launch

Those prices are absolutely insane, if GP wasn’t a thing I wouldn’t be able to play these at all

This. I can understand to a certain extent that you want to “own” a game, but it’s the same game when you buy it cheap in a sale further down the line. You still play day one with Game Pass.

As for games outside of Game Pass? There’s at most a handful of games per generation that reaches the level where €85-90 is motivated.

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I’m all digital but I try my best to save money:

  • Third-party sites for keys if possible or the official store to take advantage of MS Rewards and MS Cashback.
  • Buying discounted MS/Xbox gift cards when they pop up.
  • Hoarding Game Pass Ultimate gift cards from the Ambassador program or buying them at ~50% off for when the conversion trick dies out.
  • Checking tracking sites to make sure that when I’m buying on sale, it’s at a historic low.
  • Looking at the content of reviews rather than an aggregate of scores to see if a game is right for me.
  • Accepting that buying day 1 mostly isn’t worth it and really only doing it for a few select studios I want to support.

The reason I looked at Xbox in the first place is because I got more for my money, it’s by far the most cost-effective legal way to play a ton of games.

Edit: forgot to specify that MS Cashback works out to about the same as the added tax in my state, so they eventually cancel each other out.


Just wanted a Simple question. If a Game is $70 USD, what is the price you pay at the checkout?

I am sure there is many states with different Taxes in the USA. I know Canada has a GST, but different provinces with different rates. New Zealand is like Australia but there GST is 15%

So for conversion, $70USD is about $100 AU on avg last 12 Months, with a 10% GST tax, max Aussie games $110 (Or $109.95 fopr that Sexy sell price). For Spoken was $114.95. Sony Released there God of War and any First Party New Games for $124.95 (OMG, grrrr, never buying a PlayStation)

Sales tax for me is 9.5%, so roughly $77.

They have been $99.95 AU last Gen, and now they are $109.95. Sony is Greedy and charges $124.95. 2K and MS are all going out at now for $119.95. $70USD = $100AU and with tax should be $110AU. That is the Metric for hi or low price.

Totally agree. I am also a MS rewards lover.

I did ask a Simple Question. If a game is $70USD, what do you pay at the checkout? Treat me like I am 2 please. I have never been to the USA or Shopped there. I am a bit ignorant. Just reaching out to the community for help.

That should not excuse companies raising prices. Or worse, over charging and taking that into account.

Sorry for the confusion. In the USA, the sales tax varies by state and occasionally by city and county so you’re gonna get a lot of varying answers from Americans =)

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There is no simple answer because your question seemed more geared towards what price do people buy games at. Each person has different strategies for how and when they consume games.

As you can see, a lot of the answers were taking advantage of GamePass. As such, when people buy games that are on GamePass you get 10% or 20% discounts.

Many also use the Microsoft Rewards program which provides for points that can be redeemed for money to use towards game purchases. The points from that program pays for all of my game purchases over the past decade. So my answer to your question is $0.

Some buy digitial codes from online places for a discount or even to avoid paying taxes.

The US tax situation is a proper cluster mess. The tax zones are not by state or county or city (biggest to smallest area) but by tax regions. Some tax regions are rather arbitrary sections that split a city while some are larger. For my region it is 8%. I could change my billing address to my sister’s place and the tax rate would drop down to 6.75%.