What do you call the Xbox Series X|S in conversation?


When the Xbox Series X name was first revealed i really disliked the name but I’ve come to like it over the past few months. One of the things that bothers me though is that there’s no universally agreed way to refer to the consoles as of right now. With PlayStation it’s as simple as “PS5”. Microsoft PR calls them Xbox Series X|S which is a mouth full for booth speech and text. When talking with a friend I’ll usually say…

Xbox Series, The Series or simply “Xbox”

On Reddit it’s even more of a mess as the Xbox community is split apart into like 5-6 different subreddits as there’s no 1 universal way to refer to the new consoles. Curious what XboxEra members call the next-gen Xbox when in conversation.

Just call it series x or the new Xbox

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I just say Series X. If I shorten it, I just say XSX.


This is what i imagined most will call it. I’m weird so i like to uniform them both under one umbrella. Haha!


Just “Series X”. If I’m talking about both consoles, I just say “Series X|S” (like “Access”).

I say Xbox Series of consoles. It’s a mouthful but it gets the point across.

If I’m referring to just one of the consoles, I just say either Series X or Series S. If both, then Series XS.

The new Xbox

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Series X or “The Xbox”

“Xbox Series”

just new Xbox but tbh people around me don’t talk about games so I camp here and do it

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“Xbox Series X” or just “Xbox”

In chat i usually use XSX in talks series x

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Series X


Series S

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Definitely “Xbox Series” or refer to them in short forms XSX and XSS. Or if the place is more accustomed to the platform like this forum, I just go with “X” and “S” cuz absolutely no one gives a shit about base one s and x at this point, at least amongst those having conversation, which is mostly enthusiasts, therefore more relevant consoles being the new ones. I’m too lazy to use the " | " symbol lol

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New Xbox if it’s someone who is a bit of a casual gamer. Probably Series Xor Series S if it’s someone who is more aware

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Series X & Series S. For both I would say Series X and S for X|S. The main issue is that most people in my circle don’t even know there are 2 different consoles. So I have to say the “New Xbox” when they go “What are you talking about?”

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New Xbox is also the world I use with people who don’t know much about gaming.


I just call it Xbox none of my family or friends care for Xbox, they are all Playstation people

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