What are your favorite Achievements/Trophies?

I liked the ones in the original Fable trilogy.

There’s Always Peng - Dead Space

Don’t really care for achievements, but there’s only one achievement I remember to this day: in CoD Ghosts, there was a stealthy mission at night, there’s a sleeping enemy in a balcony or something and if you kill him you get an achievement “Sleeping Beauty”. Don’t know why but that’s been something I still remember to this day since 2013

I liked the one that’s implanted to expand the game not just a reward for accomplishment. I have one example in Bullet Soul “first game”

Top down shooters usually are short experiences that’s can be completed within 30-45 min, but the achievements system in Bullet Soul expanded the game and made me played it for 40-50 hrs

Also liked the achievements back in Xbox 360 era which award the gamer with outfits and backgrounds for his console.

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The Dark Queen’s Lament - Rare Replay

Finishing Battletoads was torture even with the rewind feature.