What are you playing first on your new Xbox Series X?

Valhalla would be my choice. Ask yourself this, do you want to be a Viking or a hacker?

I love both of the newer games, and I agree Origins had a much better story. However, after going through Odyssey and going back to origins I was surprised by how unpleasant the control is compared to Odyssey. Spending 80+ hours with the slightly improved mobility gets you really used to it, and being Bayek again felt like a shopping trolley with a stuck wheel! Not dissimilar to playing an old football game, you get used to the smallest changes.

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Falconeer and Doom Eternal probably.

Or Rocket League like always

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No Man’s Sky

Especially with that 4K60 patch.

Edit: And it’s a small download. I wonder how long it’ll take to convert from the One X version to the Series.

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Either way, you’re attacking the UK, you monsters.

Go away Vikings!


Interesting I haven’t been back to origins, but I just remember loving Bayek, and the world of origins so much more, it felt a lot more handcrafted, where as at times, Odyssey felt like it was procedurally generated. :frowning:

Mega hyped for Valhalla and hope the world has a more hand crafted feel like origins :slight_smile:

I knew I missed some things, also reminded me ark got an update too, whilst I only tried the game once it was absolutely unplayable.

& they even had the balls to tag digital foundry with their update trailer.

So it might finally be in a playable state :o

Ori isn’t listed, either that or Gears Tactics so I voted that.

Sadly, I don’t recommend going back to Origins purely because of how it feels compared to Odyssey. A bit like when you can’t jump/crouch in a fps game, there is just something that now feels hindered in the movements. I am really looking forward to Valhalla, but made the mistake of mentioning it during a Christmas conversation, and now can’t risk buying it until December 26th

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New game - AC Valhalla

Old game - Gears 5

Valhalla for sure. A see a lot of people saying it looks like Odyssey from One X. I only played Odyssey on a PS4, so that alone would be a huge graphical jump, I’m assuming.

The gameplay looks fun, and I can imagine 40+ hours in it easy. Then Gears Tactics.

Maybe Watch Dogs Legion after as the Raytracing looks amazing and slowly getting sold on it.

That’s a flex isn’t it.

Can’t wait for the full DF views on these Series patched games to see if they make them feel like new generation content.

Having games like FH4 etc in 4K60 is a generation leap in my eyes, for example.

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I’m mega pumped for the gears 5 video myself, I want to see what resolution and how stable the 120fps is on gears 5.

It could tempt me to upgrade my TV tbh, Gears 5 mp is played nearly daily by myself.

& horizon 4 at 4k/60fps will be excellent, hope they do some more dlc for that game to tide us over.

It was done by the Origins team so I have big hopes!

Probably Gears Tactics or Falconeer. After that FH4 or the DLC for Outer Worlds, couldn’t stand the loading times on One X anymore.

Might consider Dirt now after those reviews, could be a good pick up and play game in between bouts of ACV.

Ori, Jedi Fallen Order, Grounded, and the Witcher. All games I’ve put off due to poor performance on 1S. Then I will probably play all the Gears games again for kicks

Control will wait a little longer for next-gen patch, but will be on the lookout for Ultimate edition sale over Holidays

Gonna be Yakuza for me! Can’t freaking wait! Love me some turn-based RPG goodness! :smiley:

Definitely gonna fire up Ori WotW first to see how it looks on my new 4K TV but Yakuza is the one I’m actually going to play.

Probably DIRT 5. Been playing the current-gen version these days and I’m curious to see the difference.