What are the 7 Best RPGs in Game Pass

RPGs encompass so many games, what are your favorites?


Totally agree Mass Effect trilogy is number one - if I had to play only one game for the rest of time, it would be ME2.

Weirdly I’d put the Forza Horizon series next, as I consider them CarPGs.

After that, probably Skyrim and Oblivion - I found them amazing for their time, while I did enjoy my time with Starfield some parts felt dated unlike the huge generational leap those games felt like.

Starfield, The Outer Worlds, ME: Andromeda, AC Odyssey, Dragon Age: Inquisition and even Anthem might all jostle for the remaining places…

It’s actually really hard to pick the best 7 RPGs.

In my subjective Opinion:

  1. Morrowind

  2. Dragon Age: Origins

  3. Mass Effect Trilogy (feels like cheating because it’s actual 3 separated games)

  4. Oblivion

  5. Mount & Blade 2

  6. FO NV

  7. PoE 1+2

Btw I just realized that Kotor 1+2 are not part of GPU.

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