What About The Future Of Xbox Excites You?

To me it is the opportunity to give people a non cost intensive possibility for (console) gaming. Gamepass alone is incredible in value but with cloud streaming everyone can “jump in”. The fact that I can play all MS games day one on Gamepass is still incredible to me. Then, if Lockhart is real, they offer traditional consoles but not only for rich people but also people which had to and still suffer during Covid-19, not to mention that consoles where too expansive before for some people. So with Xbox, you have actual choice where to play, how to play, when to play and even how much you want to pay.

The number of RPG’s really excites me.

Of course I’m also excited to see where Game Pass goes in the future.


Very excited for what the hardware can bring, its a shame they haven’t put out a title that really shows that off.

Personally I’m excited for:

  • Prospect of playing mouse and keyboard RTS games on Series X (Age of Empires, XCOM?, Maybe Gears Tactics).
  • XGS becoming a RPG powerhouse (Fable, Avowed, Grounded, InXile title and potentially more)
  • Game Pass has transformed the way I play and consume games now. In my honest opinion the more people try it out the bigger it will grow, its just that good of a service. They just need the 1P software to lead the charge on it.
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Xbox division strategy and the Gamepass growth :

  • Constant stream of new games

  • New quality first party content (Fable, Obsidian RPG, Halo, MS flight simulator, Gear Tactics and more).

  • xCloud (tested the beta, really nice)

  • Japanese game coming to xbox

  • Power of console and using it in big AAA (Cyberpunk, next gen Battlefield or Fifa, and whatever good games coming out)

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Just the overall ecosystem and the forward thinking of Xbox going into the future. It’s very reassuring to know that my game purchases will continue to work on future hardware. I appreciate how seamless everything is with cloud saving and how in the future, we’ll be able to easily take our console experience on the go.

I really like the diversity I’m seeing with the upcoming 1st party games and being able to play these games on Game Pass day 1 is something that deserves more praise.

All in all, I’m very excited for the future of Xbox and feel that with Series X, I’ll be playing the best versions of console games, in the best ecosystem, with the best online, services, and controllers.


Gamepass for me and the kids. Having 4 xbox’s and 3 kids in the house this is a surefire way thay have something new to play and im not burning all my cash in games they don’t enjoy. Plus I love it for me, so many gems found and games i missed.

Compatibility so everything I own works. We have a bunch of controllers and sometimes we’ll all jump on the main screen and play together. I don’t want to have to buy and additional 4 controllers for overcooked or moving out games.

I keep everything. I’ve spent a fortune on my library, new games and going back to find the classics I played growing up. The additional support in making those games look as good as they can with the new tech is exciting to me.

Would love to see some Oculus support so i can jump into that arena. My PC doesn’t have the legs to do it well and it feels like such an easy win for MS to pop the drivers in the box and allow support.

I’m super excited for the new box and I’m super excited to see more of these games. I’ll happily wait for Forza and Fable when I still have a massive backlog (Thanks gamepass) and can enjoy some of the XSX benefits while playing them through.

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Game Pass all the way for me, it was the reason I even acquired the One at all. Hopefully very good AAA games coming to it down the line. xCloud is also exciting, for sure.

I am also extremely excited for Series X. Amazing piece of hardware, lots of power, will be my main next-gen console because of power + Game Pass.

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do you imagine titles like DotA and LoL coming to Series X? Or do you mean you want these RTSs also made possible to play on controllers? Or just continuing to be able to play these games with good support using MK+B?

For me, it’s mainly the following;

GamePass - this has completely changed how I buy games, previously I was very cautious about buying games I’ve not tried, a £50-60 investment can be a bit of a risk but with GamePass, I have no risk, and because of that I’ve tried games I’ve never really played before. I recently completed Hellblade which tbh, I’d probably not have bought had it not been in GamePass but now I’m hyped for Hellblade 2. It really is opening my eyes up to new games and genres.

Halo - I’m a huge Halo fan and cannot wait for Halo, I don’t share the concerns relating to the graphics of most and loved the look of the gameplay. I really can’t wait.

Variety - I understand peoples concerns with the Showcase and how there was too much CGI, but the variety on show was amazing. Going back to my GamePass point, there are some many games of different genres coming to Xbox and I’m excited to try them all.

I’ll definitely be picking up a Series X at launch, but Microsoft’s approach and GamePass for PC getting some great support has actually made me decide to invest in PC gaming again, cross-play, cross-progress and cross-buy means I can build a PC again and play the same games with the same people and not have to buy a 2nd copy of a game.

As many have already mentioned, XGS is gonna be THE RPG powerhouse, with Fable, Avowed, InXile’s next gen game, and hopefully resulting in stronger third party support. Secondly, which is more important for me, is taking PC seriously and launching all their first parties on here day 1. Game Pass PC while still being inferior to console game pass is still an insane deal that I’ll probably never go back from, but would always want it to remain an option to something like steam where if I wanted, I could just go and grab the game permanently.

Growing Japanese game support. We all know Xbox ain’t gonna sell jack shit in Japan hardware wise, so for one I feel they should probably just give up on any hopes that it shall penetrate it, sure keep selling the consoles there but direct focus on software mainly. Xbox should be smart while still being aggressive and get loads of third party japanese games and developers on board. I want Xbox to reinvigorate their relationship with Fromsoftware and bring back their OG titles like Otogi and Ninja Blade. Same with Itagaki for Ninja Gaiden and Mistwalker for Lost Odyssey/Blue Dragon or perhaps just a new dope IP no one has seen before and can’t wait to experience.

Personally, I don’t care for the consoles at all as I’m a PC player and have no aim of buying any console this coming gen at the moment, maybe Lockhart can change that but still, PC shall remain primary and Xbox has my support for taking PC into their family.

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Its a combination of juicy things really. Having a good feeling in trusting Microsoft with backward compatibility in HDR, possibly better frame rates,ray tracing,resolution. I love going back plating old games after a year or two,and for me they become new again with the gift of back compat. Also have a great feeling about Rare. This is their time to shine again. Sea of Thieves is great but multi player isn’t my thing. Hoping that Everwild has some single player in it but if not I’ll jump in it its multi player this time. Can’t quite remember the rumor of which team is making Perfect Dark but thats a new ball game for me,I love the first two games so this one is system seller to me. I love that whole spy espionage world with cameos of aliens and Elvis,the use of all those weapons with that sciFi flavor. Not really worried it’ll lose its feel,but do expect a reboot of sorts so I know it’ll feel new again too. The rest are old favorites. Forza,Halo,Gears,Fable. I’ve played those for years and I wouldn’t be happy without them to show themselves in the new gen. Also GamePass,the little hidden gems this service has. Just a really beautiful thing,its old school for me discovering games that weren’t hyped. You search and explore that whole world of playing new games not knowing what to expect,some are misses,some click with you instantly. To me Microsoft are more pro consumer than ever and all these pluses make me a Series X buyer day one. I’ve been a fan of their consoles since the original XBox,bought straight away on launch day 2001. The media will continue to scorn them for the most cheesiest shit but I could care less. Its not about whats more popular,its about content and services and old favorites that will return and I’ll be very happy with yet another shiny new XBox. Maybe Phil should buy some exclusives,I dunno. But I sorta think Phil needs abit of a mean streak to even things abit. Can’t let Sony walk all over you by writing checks all over town. Otherwise it may get out of hand,show them you can do the same,show them abit of the war chest if needed. I just hope that in doing so it sorta stops Sony from going after too many 3rd parties this way,but I wouldn’t want Microsoft to overdue that sort of thing either. Don’t think that helps your brand in the long run. But I’m not delusional either. Honestly this may be the sign of things to come. By that I mean If Google,Apple, and Amazon all enter the console arena someday(I dont really count Stadia as its not really a console) then 3rd party exclusives will probably be everywhere. Ofcourse it might not be consoles 10 years from now,probably services. I don’t think its really bad to land 3rd party games this way,but when one does it too much often and tips the scale the other way then yeah,I do think eye for an eye is needed at times. But I’m excited for the future of XBox. Phil has rebuilt the brand,and I like what I see.

Ehhh future games from Rare, Playground and Ninja theory are the most exciting thing for me. Also the best value with Game pass makes it easy to jump in without having to spend a full tonne of money.

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Games coming to GamePass.

For me its the direction game pass is going it has already introduced me to different styles of games i would not even consider buying i.e grounded i only downloaded this because it was free and turns out I love it. If they keep doing that with other games like they have said then not just me but it’s going to help a lot of people find new games then maybe if its a series of games go back and buy the others and learn the full back story

Definitely Xbox Game Studios. Some amazing games are going to come out!

  1. multiplayer games for gamepass. Having the same library as your friends is a blessing.
  2. xcloud future. if data caps would be gone for cellphones… one day i could play with friends in a bar.
  3. Halo. I love halo 3, odst and reach but 4 and 5 were not my cup of tea.
  4. underdog. Xbox is an underdog and those shine better and work better towards the future.

In addition to the already existing MS IPs that I like it’s obvoiusly gamepass. And Xcloud.

I’m pretty hyped with all the new games coming. I can’t wait to play Halo Infinite. I’m a huge Forza and Forza Horizon fan. I love Fable and I am just so happy that there will be a 4th installment. Obsidian is a studio I adore and I can’t wait for actual gameplay of Avowed. Sea of Thieves is the best mp game of the last few years in my opinion, so I’m hyped for everything Rare does AND Everwild already looks amazing.

So yeah, the next few years of Xbox already look more than promising to me.

Than there’s Xcloud that gives me the ability to take on my favorite games while I’m not at home. I’m on the road for 12-14 weeks each year and beeing able to participate in that mp session or continue a playthrough of a huge RPG while I’m in my hotel room does sound great.

The biggest part ist Gamepass though. Not only does it offer an insane value and makes me try new games that I never would’ve bought without it, it also encourages first party devs to take risks and do things they could not do without the financial freedom that comes wit a subscription service. There are some people who want to make you believe that every game from MS in the near future will be a GAAS game, because that’s the only way a subscriptipn service could be sustainable. I think it’s quite the opposite. Most GAAS take up a large part of your freetime, so if you play SoT and Destiny2 for example you don’t have enough time left for other games. Let alone another GAAS. It this case it would be stupid to keep that subscription. You’d be of cheaper to just purchase those to games and the occasional season pass. To stay relevant to gamers Gamepass has to deliver a wide variety of Games. Big AAA games, more innovative AA games and indies alike. We’re already seeing this approach with Obsidian. While the biggest part of the studio seems to work on Avowed and maybe an Outer Worlds sequel, they have a small team that is contsantly evolving and experimenting with Grounded. And we learned today that Josh Sawyer is working on another title as well. Obsidian alone is working on 3-4 titles right now…that’s what Gamepass is gonna be.

The future looks bright for Xbox gamers.


For me it would be seeing a game that makes use of all the next gen graphical features like ray tracing, RT audio, VRS, mesh shaders, velocity architecture, DirectML, ect.

Probably going to have to wait for The Initiative’s game at least 3-4 years from now for that to happen.

Game Pass…but I think that’s simplifying it too much. It’s really the following opportunity that comes from the service:

  • The variety of games that I can now experience.
  • The potential to continue to support, grow and improve new games
  • The community that’s built around these games
  • The potential to take chances on risky or innovative projects

In addition to Game Pass, excited to see the growth of the studios and their collaboration with Microsoft research to do innovative things with AI, Machine Learning and Xcloud. If people are interested in the potential of Xbox studios, they should take a look at what’s happening behind the scenes.

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The fact that they have a clear vision. They have a self-sustaining business model that will fund all these studios they acquire. This business model also frees these studios from designing games to be a “hit” on the sales chart since the entire point is to make GamePass as a service more attractive, not counting on any singular “blockbuster” game.

Everything being geared towards making the Xbox ecosystem a great place for gamers to be excites me. Now, the studios can focus on making the great games they want to make. Thye’re not worried about funding. They’re not worried about making a “hit”. I’m very excited to see what comes out of this new environment.