What A.i advancements do you want next gen?

In regard to NPC’S, companions, game world, enemies etc.

This gen its no secret that the CPUs were very weak and barely an advancement from the 360 and more so the ps3.

The XsX/xss and PS5 have several orders of magnitude better CPU’s.

To put things into perspective a developer could use 4 zen2 cores for the main game, giving them about a 2.5x improvement over current gen and use the remaining 3 cores for just A.i tasks.

Thats like having 2 PS4s for just A.i

What do you want devs to do with this extra power?


I would love to see more radiant A.I. that operate with more autonomy in RPGs and open world games.

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Hopefully in the next GTA NPCs dont act like your going to run them over just because you drive near them while still on the road.

Good thread idea. A.I is where they made the less progress in games. I want them to upgrade it by a huge margin, some kind of autonomous with its own schedule and reacting to events and actions. Something more believable also in stealth games because so faf it is lame.

In Ubisoft games I don’t like it at all always dumb in AC.

Rockstar Games will push the boundaries of A.I and interaction I suppose just by seeing RDR2. With dialogs schedule their own routines , remembering what you have done before.

Also A.I can use better locomotion too with motion matching integrated

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I’m hoping for more immersive use of AI motion/animation, weather (snow build up, or realistic water run off with effects on gameplay and NPC action/reaction). More interaction with the world. Persistent damage to buildings (even if covered up later with a more generic scaffolding and tarp indicating repair), more real-time sound effects and background chatter and noises.

I’m not sold on better enemy AI, though. I have concerns of additional “cheapness” in tactics that make playing a chore. For racing games, cheap AI is already a staple. I have so many frustrating examples from OG Mario Kart to Mod Nation Racers to Motorstorm. I just hope that doesn’t get worse!

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I wanna see npc’s respond to the presence of your party members in rpg’s, and even have the party members engage with npc’s on their own (with or without you). Could create really neat decision making in games. I’d also like to see npc’s (and squad mates) yelling if they need to talk over loud noises in the environment, and changing their lines/behavior in response to more stimuli in their surroundings (if it is raining, different behaviors, etc). Also wanna see more systems integration with npc’s, like having them go out and do their own quests or maybe even have ML algorithms create more varied and interesting side quests potentially. I’d like to also see better combatant AI where the enemies try to flank you and out maneuver you.


It’s super limited, but that’s something I liked in Tell me Why. You play with either one of the twins and the other is always interacting with the world and other npcs.

And there’s even some cool stuff like if they spot something before you they react differently.

Having that in large scale for a full party would definitely add to the immersion.


That does sound really neat! It’d be cool to be able to engage with noc’s as any party member at a click of a button. I can imagine lots of neat scenarios where each party member goes off on their to scout out new quests or some unique stuff for their character when entering a town or whatnot. Could even build in social mechanics so players are thinking about how they approach who to talk to, in what order, with what info, which party member(s), etc. Instead of the paradigm today where the main character just walks around asking everyone questions over and over without it really mattering what leads into that encounter. Party members could have different abilities to use in exploration too.

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I wonder if the next GTA will have buildings + objects that can be set on fire and burnt. Earlier today I was chasing some other player in gta online we were in vinewood hills, where some posh houses are, the player I was chasing drove off a hill and landed in a house being constructed, there car blew up and it was there burning away and I though it was pretty fake that the building site was completely undamaged by the burning car. I guess there will have to be some limits otherwise people could burn the entire state down lol. One way it could be controlled is maybe a more realistic crime and police system, where after you blow up 3 buildings you have the army on your ass. Next gen will enable so many things to be opened up for GTA and open world games in general, I dont see why destruction, weather, advanced npc A.i, etc etc cant be done on next gen hardware.

Did you try Red Dead Redemption 2? Pretty amazing and immersive on the interaction with A.I and physics too


Not yet. Am waiting for XSX to try it out. Own it, just never played it yet. My fiancee loved it though.

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Yes better wait for the XSX upgrade then. With RT and maybe 60fps. I will make another run. This game is a masterpiece, it is a slow burn play it slowly don’t rush it. I think you will be really impressed in terms of A.I and interactions with the world. Truly immersive.

Im hoping RDR2 will have a 4k 60fps performance mode and a 1440p 60fps quality mode maybe with some new ambient occlusion tech, either svoggi or ray tracing.

I want a gaming company to implement a generative adversarial neural network on top of a procedural generation algorithm so that they make photo realistic procedurally generated gaming worlds.