We will eventually be able to play XSX games on X1 (via xCloud)

From Kotaku interview…the idea of using xCloud to stream XSX next gen titles to X1 consoles (another idea I had a while back!)…

…It was refreshing to hear that Spencer also sounds committed to bringing xCloud to Xbox One, letting current gen Xbox owners play next gen games without buying a new box.

“When we think about Xbox One, absolutely, we think it could be a good way for us to bridge generations and be able to let people play those games,” Spencer said. He put it behind PC and iOS in terms of priorities. “I don’t think it’s years off,” he said. “It’s just work to get done. We know how to do it.”

I’ve said for a while that they should do this. Imagine using xCloud to stream XSX experiences to X1 consoles, so X1 owners could directly experience what is on offer. They could do this for trade shows too, letting everyone with PC, mobile, X1/XSX/XSS stream stage demos.

It also means the commentary about not leaving X1 gamers behind can be the best of both worlds…you can have your next gen only Avowed, Hellblade, Forza, Fable, etc…but you can still play them on X1.

They will likely end 2021 with PC’s, tablets, laptops, iOS phones, Android phones, X1 consoles, XSX/XSS, and Samsung TV’s all running next gen games through Game Pass and xCloud. And Gamestop pushing consoles and Game Pass and All Access too. I don’t think ppl appreciate the strength of these market moves.


That was another very important part of the interview for me. It is just amazing ! It also gives a new meaning when they were talking about supporting Xbox One.


Yep via XCloud it is a great way to have “cross gen” without the cross gen hurdles in a sense if tou understand what I mean and giving value to the Xbox One. It was expected to have it everywhere possible.


Exactly, maybe that’s why there was no mention of Xbox One for games like Everwild, State of Decay 3, Avowed and others, because they will be developed specifically for Series and then put on Xbox One via xCloud.


Longer term, maybe 5-10 yrs down the road, they might even move away from making hardware entirely and just partner with all the TV makers out there. I know they are testing that out now with Samsung, but eventually they might be as prominent on Smart TV’s as Netflix etc are. At some point ya don’t need new console hardware at all. Ya just need to update the cloud server hardware and hold an event to announce it and show off the new gen games.

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I can see them proposing xCloud and Game Pass bundled with smart TV’s, though Spencer has also talked about still making new consoles after Series. But yeah, xCloud is gonna expand even more and will be the main way to attract a massive amount of customers.

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Yep that is exactly what I was saying a long while ago about smart TVs + XCoud. Look we saw already Doom Eternal played on a fridge lol

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I want the same fridge !

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This is why all those “Ms gonna hold back next gen” concern never made any sense.

Ms will keep x1, x1s and X1x platforms alive and active but they will resort to Xcloud when there’s a game they are not able to run locally.

And developers will likely have a very nice SDK to support them for the games that do.

So, it was always about enabling developers to support more platforms, not forcing them to


Figured this was going to happen eventually. That’s why I’m keeping my Xbox One and putting it in a secondary room when I get my Series X.

I assumed this would be the case and why I thought continuing to support Xbox One was a stupid idea.

There was literally no need to support the console with games when you could have just said “Next gen games on Xbox One via xCloud, then buy a Series X/S when you’re ready all your stuff will be waiting”

I think we will still see consoles. They are making more. They have to make SOCs for XCloud anyways and I don’t see Streaming ever fully replacing the console experience for enthusiasts. It will definitely be more Series X/One X style offering though

There is a year or two delay before that becomes feasible though. The language around the cross gen stuff was misinterpreted anyhow. That is something MS could still use work on wrt messaging.

I would expect the same to happen for Series S down the line when it cannot keep up. Otherwise, Series S owners will be stuck with inferior ports like 1S owners are now

Huh? XSS will just get the same games but at lower res. How is it that ppl still struggle to understand that XSS is for 1080p TV’s, not 4k…?